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Subject: SLS: federal corp's in the federal zone ONLY!!

Federal Corp's -- almost a corpse!!  :)

See the very last two lines, in the very last headnote:

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                      ARGUED AND DETERMINED

                             in the


                             of the

                        STATE OF INDIANA

              at Indianapolis, November Term, 1878,
              in the Sixty-Third Year of the State.


       Daly et al. v. The National Life Insurance Company
                of the United States of America.
                         [cite omitted]

"Foreign Corporation"  Defined. --  The statutes  of  this  State
define a  foreign corporation  to be "a corporation created by or
under the  laws of  any other  state, government, or country," or
one "not incorporated or organized in this State".

Same. --  Insurance Company  Created by  Act of  Congress. --  An
insurance company  created by  an act  of Congress  is a  foreign
corporation subject  to the  requirements of  the statute of this
State approved  June 17th, 1852, "respecting foreign corporations
and their agents in this State."  1 R.S. 1876, p. 373.

Same. --  Congress as a Local Legislature. -- Constitutional Law.
-- An  act of  Congress creating a private corporation is the act
of Congress as the local Legislature of the District of Columbia;
as Congress  can not,  under the  federal  constitution,  as  the  <--!!!
Congress of the United States, create a private corporation.       <--!!!

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