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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Dear Fool, from the IRS

>from the Jury Rights Home Page
>Dear Fool:
>As the Grand Dupe of the Infernal Revenue Service, I want to
>thank you on behalf of the defacto government of the United
>States and the International Banking Cartel. Without your
>tribute, we could not provide essential corporate welfare
>subsidies, we could not arm our chosen third world dictators to
>continue our imperial colonization of the world, we could not
>fund scientific research such as genetic engineering,  biological
>and psychological warfare techniques, eugenics, etc. Thank you
>for supporting these programs.
>You are among the millions of idiots who comply with the phony
>tribute "law" without legal obligation to do so. As a SLAVE and
>valuable customer of the Infernal Revenue Service, you deserve
>excellence in the deception we provide; you deserved to be
>treated with contempt, lied to, tricked and cheated, and you
>deserve to know that the IRS considers everyone fair game. 
>To fulfill our obligation to steal from you, we are making major
>changes in the way we extort the life-blood from our victims.
>Under the newest guise of tribute administration, known as By
>Hook or By Crook 2000, we are setting up an airtight database to
>track all dollar movement. One program is dedicated to seek out
>those ethical, moral people who are determined to have nothing to
>do with our bogus Mafioso enterprise and incarcerate them within
>our prison camps we are now building with your tribute dollars.
>We will work with every dork who needs to "eat". At the same
>time, we will direct your tribute dollars to the media to keep
>everyone in eternal confusion. All must pay up, or else.
>We realize that the tribute law is in reality no law at all. We
>want to do what we can to make you accept it nevertheless. To
>that end, we are simplifying our forms and procedures to give the
>illusion it reduces the pain it is causing tribute-payers. This
>year, we revised the tribute table so that more uneducated
>tribute-payers can simply look up the tribute they "owe" instead
>of doing the arithmetic. Also, if you have a small business,
>don't worry, we will make sure you are out of business soon.
>Don't forget the option to file your tribute return
>electronically. With our new cashless society coming up soon, you
>need the practice and indoctrination. Electronic returns are more
>accurate and make it easier for us to monitor your every move
>with your help.
>Our goal is to transform the tribute system by the end of this
>decade. More and more people are waking up to our scam, so we are
>forced to take unprecedented action. To achieve the deception you
>deserve, we are literally "reinventing" the Infernal Revenue
>Service, making our internal organization appear to be kind,
>gentle and docile. As we improve the way we lie, we also will do
>a better job of serving up garbage to our CUSTOMERS, the
>tribute-payers. We believe in accountability, and you are all
>accountable. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for
>ways to further enslave yourselves.
>Thank you again for your dedication to our cause.
>Shirley D. Predator

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