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Subject: SLS: Law and Order episode 11/5/97 (fwd)

The comparison with the Montana Freemen
is very weak, at best.  Schweitzer claimed
to have perfected valid commercial liens,
by converting the silence of government
employees into an admission of guilt.

He did this by "signing" FOR these employees,
when they would not "sign" his true bills [sic]

However, the Right to remain silent,
in the face of a criminal complaint and/or
criminal charge, is fundamental and,
therefore, unalienable (read "un-lien-able").

Waivers of fundamental Rights must be knowingly
intelligent acts, done with sufficient awareness
of the relevant circumstances, and likely 
consequences.  Choosing to fall silent is not
tantamount to waiving the Right to do so.

On this one point, Schweitzer's whole house
of cards falls down, hard.

The comparison to a capital case is stretching
imaginations like salt water taffy.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 07:34 AM 11/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Anyone see Law and Order last night?
>The episode was about a small "militia"
>group of about a dozen members called
>the "New Sons of Liberty" (NSOL) robbing an
>armored car that was collecting money from a
>New York State-run Off Track Betting location.
>One NSOL member and one armored car guard
>were killed in the robbery.
>The detectives on the show, Briscoe and Curtis,
>traced the robbery to the NSOL from tattoos on
>one NSOL member who was killed and another
>who was injured in the robbery and matched the
>tattoo to a logo on their web site.  While Curtis was
>perusing the NSOL web site, Briscoe, the older and
>more jaded of the two, said sarcastically that he
>wanted to know where the black helicopters are.
>(I'll show you the black helicopters!)
>At the trial, NSOL members behaved similar to members
>of the Freemen, yelling during the proceedings so much
>that some members had to be removed from the court and
>watch the proceedings on closed circuit TV in another room.
>One NSOL member served as lawyer in the trial in which all
>NSOL members were being charged with conspiracy and 
>felony-murder.  Briscoe and Curtis were also looking for a
>third man that was involved with the armored car robery that got
>The NSOL member serving as lawyer also pointed out to the
>jury that they could nullify the law as per FIJA.  The jury
>failed to return a conviction, and the DA thought it was because
>some members supported what the NSOL did, but in my opinion
>the trial failed to prove they conspired to commit the robbery. The
>only evidence was an arsenal that was kept at the house of the
>killed NSOL member.
>Well, since the trial ended in a hung jury, it's possible another
>episode might being this back for another trial.  All in all,
>the episode wasn't bad.. I always liked Law and Order and I 
>think they didn't do nearly as much of a hatchet job as other
>shows portraying "militias" have.
>Mary Heffernan
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