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Subject: SLF: 6th Amendment Challenge (fwd)

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>The argumet that "there is no remedy at law" is no longer applicable
>because under the Bill of Rights, there is a remedy at Law for every
>problem when the parties cannot arrive at a mutually satisfactory
>agreement. That remedy is a jury trial at which the burden of proof is on
>the accuser and the evidence and testitony must overcome a presumption of
>innocence or non-liability of the person charged.
>Article III of the main body of the Constitution provides that "The
>judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising
>under this Constitution...", but that is because it wasn't until after
>the Bill of Rights was adopted that Equity courts became obsolete.
>The Bill of Rights was adopted and ratified. At that point in time all
>individual rights were clearly spelled out, guaranteed and cast in
>concrete. The individual is now supreme. His/her rights are unlimited! On
>earth, the individual is accountable only to a jury of his peers; then
>only if he becomes a clear, provable threat to the life, liberty or
>property of others.
>A vital consideration in any study of equity vs. common law is that the
>lawyers believe that common law is that "law" which is brought about
>through court decisions made since the adoption of the Bill of Rights,
>while freedom fighters KNOW that the common law is spelled out and cast
>in concrete in the Bill of Rights, and connot be changed by judges (see
>Article I, Section 1, first sentence of the U.S. Constitution). [Court
>decisions are not law].
>To the lawyers, common law is another term for "case law" or
>"Precedence", ie. Administrative law, the Commercial Code, Zoning laws,
>Planning Laws, judicial decisions, Building Codes, many provisions of the
>U.S. Code, etc...are all forms of EQUITY and not law at all. They can
>have the effect of law if not challenged, byt such a result is fraudulent
>unless all parties agree in advance, knowingly and by choice, to be
>subject to them.
>Under Constitutional  Common Law (the Bill of Rights), adhesion contracts
>are invalid and unenforceable.
>Under the Bill of Rights, equity is not law.  Again, equity is mentioned
>in Article III 
>Section 2 of the main body of the Constitution, but the Bill of Rights
>made equity obsolete and optional, a fantastic improvement in the affairs
>of the United States, and of all mankind, if applied by a majority of
>persons of good will.
>I call THEIR system "equity" because that is actually what they operate
>under. They call it "case law" or "precedents".  The most important
>feature is that the law is what the judge says it is, rather than what is
>mandated in the Constitution or in valid laws enacted thereunder. What
>the lawyers and law schools have closed their minds to, is that since
>ratification of the Bill of Rights,  NO CASE CAN BE TRIED AT EQUITY
>unless ALL parties concerned agree to it, knowingly and willingly.

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