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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Message to Bill Gates

I am going to throw my two bits into this debate.
I share much of your frustration with, and
well deserved criticisms for, Bill Gates.

My long-standing objection is his failure
to build upon all the advances in memory
management which were perfected by such
machines as the VAX 11-780 and Prime
super minicomputers, circa 1980.  

On the other hand, with the help of a terrifically
talented and obviously patient builder of custom
machines here in Tucson, we configured the following
machine for about $2,500:

LSI custom case with 5 x 3.5" internal drive bays
 and sliding rack mounts (just add WD-40 :)
300 watt power supply
Super Micro PCI Motherboard, TX chipset 98,
 4 x Ultra-DMA EIDE on-board connectors
Intel Pentium CPU, 200MHz
64 megabytes of RAM, EDO SIMMS
512K primary cache
2 x 5.1GB Western Digital Ultra-DMA hard disks (33MB/sec.)
dual-ported Adaptec SCSI-III controller, 30 device capacity
Toshiba 12x CD-ROM drive on SCSI-III controller
3.5" standard floppy drive
Matrox Millennium II video card with 4MB video RAM
Microsoft PS/2 bus mouse
Maxi-Pro II programmable keyboard with 2 sets of function keys
second parallel port for high-speed file transfers
cables and cable adapters
Windows 95/OSR2, FAT32 partition support
(no monitor or printer(s) included in above price)

I am happy to say that everything about this system
has worked the first time, without exception.

The new high-performance disks do spin down
when not in use, so I need to learn to become
more patient as they spin back up, after an
idle period.  But, this new feature will surely
prolong their life, and reduce energy consumption.

So, please don't get me wrong about Bill Gates.
I can share with you my recent, formal complaint about
his failure to carry DOS SET command features forward,
from Windows 3.11 to Windows 95.  This caused us
untold grief to isolate, and work around. 

However, the machine which Corbin Smith designed
and built for me at Computers Plus in Tucson,
Arizona, just has to be a dream come true for
someone who has been in the industry for 26+ years

Can you assemble this much power, and future
expandability, using MAC hardware, and still
stay below $2,500?

I don't think so.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School and
       Corbin Smith, Computers Plus

At 07:49 AM 11/7/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Stephen Joseph Pollei (spollei@tincan.tincan.org) wrote:
>: Greg Burford (gburfo@tincan.tincan.org) wrote:
>: : Message to Bill Gates...
>: : Perhaps the good voters of the State of Washington can do a little voting
>: : with their pocketbooks, by buying Macintosh computers rather than Wintel
>: : clones and Win95 and other Microsoft products.
>: : What do you think?
>: I happen to use Linux on 80x86 compatibles and on power macintosh's I use
>: mklinux. I think it would be great if people voted with their pocketbooks
>: and *never* bought any more micro$loth shit again. There are lots of
>: alternatives like MacOS 8, Linux , BeOS, Plan 9, and even more. Maybe    
>: people should place some thought into Rhapsody, until things like Gnustep,
>: Guile, etc develope more fully. 
>Thanks Steve,
>Rhapsody, yes. 
>It is interesting to see just how the 'masses' have been brainwashed into
>accepting such mediocre stuff as MS sells, especially Win95! Good grief,
>an OS which is a poor crippled and bloated distant cousin to the Mac OS.
>My 'hobby' computer is a Mac Plus with 4MB RAM @ 8mHZ, running 
>Moc OS System 6.08. I boot from a Syquest-44. This tiny (9" B/W screen)
>is very fast and competent at WP and runs Zterm/VT100 very well with a
>Hayes 14.4 Modem. My point is that this old Mac runs rings around my
>friends wintell boxes at the very same tasks, and I paid $19.95 for it at
>Too bad about M$ 'dominance' of the market, too bad that so many innocent
>people have fallen prey to what is the equivalent of a model "T" with the
>skin of a Buick Regal tacked on for good effect.
>When I see my friends choosing M$ products, I shudder with horror,
>especially since thay cannot get it to work, and cannot connect with Tech
>support, and they are too embarassed t ask me, a Mac user for help.
>Ah well...
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