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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Response from DoE

My Dear Byron, et al.,

I am happy to forward your message below,
to every list I have.

I am also grateful to you for your dedication,
and unending patience, with that cesspool by
the Potomac, aka District of Criminals.

You are so well informed, Byron, I would be
very surprised if you did not already know
that the beltway in D.C. outlines the head
of a goat, in exactly 66.6 linear miles.

I used to laugh at the Ayatollah Khomeini,
when he referred to the "United States" in
satanic terms.  

I now believe it is due time we invoke the
infinite powers of the Most High -- to send
them back to hell, where their present and
dangerous powers come from. 

See 2 Peter 2:12:  "... and they will be
destroyed along with all the demons and 
powers of hell."  And the day of that
inevitable destruction is now nigh.

On this, you CAN be sure!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 17:10:45 -0500
>From: byronw <byronw@erols.com>
>To: "Paul A. Mitchell" [address in tool bar]
>Subject: Response from DoE
>Hi Paul,
>If you have the time, could you send this to your mail
>list?  No further response was received.
>Subject:     Re: "breakthrough' technology
>   Date:       Wed, 22 Oct 1997 9:51:00 -0400
>   From:       federico.f.pena@hq.doe.gov
>    To:         Exec-Sec-Central@hq.doe.gov,
>     Your message has been received in the Office of the
>     Secretariat.
>____________________ Reply Separator
>Subject: "breakthrough' technology
>Author:  byronw@erols.com_at_INTERNET at X400PO
>Date:    10/22/97 9:10 AM
>Dear Secretary Pena,
>I saw, and read, some of your comments concerning the
>"breakthrough" technology of the gasoline biased fuel
>cell that can double mpg.
>In 1936, Ford Motor Co., using a Pogue carburetor, achieved
>a worst case fuel economy of 171 mpg; Shell
>Oil, in 1973, achieved 376 mpg with a modified Opel; Tom
>Ogle, in the mid 70's, achieved more than 200 mpg
>with a 4,600 lb American made V-8.   If a "breakthrough" is
>considered doubling mpg, what is a device that
>gets 4.7 times the DoC target of 80 mpg considered?  For
>source documentation concerning the preceding
>mpg statements, see http://www.erols.com/byronw.
>Mr. Secretary, during the past years, I've provided, many
>times, the DoE with information concerning high
>mpg automobiles, no one responds.  Is anyone minding the
>Byron Wine

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