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Subject: SLF: "We Took That Mountain" [a true story]

Thank you very much, Becky, for your
obvious kindness and consideration here.

6,000 American men died on Iwo Jima.

I too am lucky to be alive, because
I was born 4+ years after that terrible
day, on June 21, 1948, the day the
U.S. Constitution was first consecrated
into Law.  

I came into this world at high noon, 
on the longest day of the year, when
the northern hemisphere was in a 
straight line to the sun.
See Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF
in the Supreme Law Library, for my
elaboration of the deepest meanings
I can find in these moments.

It was my dad's 26th birthday on the
day the first wave of U.S. Marines
hit that bloody beach:

        February 23, 1945

I never cease to be amazed that he
had the incredible presence to carry
his buddy out, on one shoulder, and
to bring 2 carbines along with him,
over the other shoulder (just in case
his severely wounded companion needed 
a rifle too).

If ever there was a Purple Heart worth
wearing, it is his.

My deepest desire is to win a seat in
the Congress, and my first bill will be 
an Act to award him the Congressional
Medal of Honor.  I hope, and pray, he is
still alive when that happens.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 06:28 AM 11/12/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I think you have honored a lot of people, not just your father.
>Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> In honor of my father,
>> on Veteran's Day.
>> Dad, there aren't many men,
>> like you, still left in this
>> world.
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://supremelaw.com
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