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Subject: SLF: you have been added to our "Liberty List"

Dear WCC:

I have taken the liberty of adding you
to our "list of lists" to receive
occasional broadcasts.  Just let me know
here, if and when you might want to be

Thanks, and good luck!

/s/ Paul Mitchell
Counselor at Law, federal witness

p.s.  Please help yourself to all
of the documents now loaded in the
Supreme Law Library, at the URL
just below my name above.

copy:  Supreme Law School

>Washington state legislators announced today the formation of the
>Conservative Caucus.  This new legislative caucus is incorporated as a 
>Washington non-profit corporation, and is headed by a five-member board
>directors, consisting of Representatives John Koster, Mike Sherstad, and
>Sump, and Senators Val Stevens and Harold Hochstatter.  Rep. Koster is 
>chairman of the board and president of the caucus. 
>The new legislative caucus is bicameral and bipartisan and has been
>formed to 
>further the conservative viewpoint on legislative issues.  Representative
>stated "The mission of the Conservative Caucus is to promote the 
>fundamental principles of liberty, responsibility, free enterprise,
>government, and traditional family values.  This includes both social and
>fiscal issues."
>Questioned as to whether the new caucus represents a challenge to
>legislative leadership, Rep. Koster said "We intend to help House and
>leadership carry the conservative banner in Olympia this next legislative
>session. "
>Noting her agreement, Senator Val Stevens added "Our purpose is to affirm
>legislative leadership in their efforts to promote responsible
>measures that address the many problems of our state.  We stand 100%
>Speaker Ballard and Majority Leader McDonald in their rejection of plans
>for a 
>gas tax increase, and in opposing any changes to the 601 state spending
>We support leadership in holding government more accountable for its use
>of tax 
>The Washington Conservative Caucus held their first annual meeting at
>Shores on Thursday, Nov. 6, 1997.  Financial experts met with the group
>presented alternatives to taxation for financing large projects, such as
>ferries, and bridges. 
>Interested persons may contact the Conservative Caucus by calling 
>(360)754-2210, by email at wcc@juno.com, or by writing to Washington 
>Conservative Caucus, PO Box 2332, Olympia, WA 98507-2332
>				- 30 -

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