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Subject: SLF: Air Farce One

Did you hear the story about the day Air Farce One
crashed on the runway during a take-off from
Dulles International Airport?

Well ...

.. the President was struggling with a certain
piece of legislation being actively opposed
by the loyal opposition party.

So, Hillary arranged for a complimentary air
excusion for that opposition, on a routine
flight of Air Force One out of Dulles International.

Hillary succeeded in getting them to board the plane,
while Bill was powdering his nose in the executive
wash room.  He was searching in vain for certain
"matching powders."

But, Bill did emerge, just as the plane was about 
to roll down the runway.  

When he saw his opposition party occupying
all the normally empty seats, he raced to 
the intercom and said to the pilot:

"I want that Right Wing removed from this
 aircraft immediately."

"That's an Executive Order!"

So, the pilot of Air Farce One called the tower, 
right after getting clearance for take-off, and 
explained the situation to them.

"He wants the Right Wing removed from this
 aircraft.  What should I do?  Over."

The controllers in Dulles Tower answered:

"Inflate the emergency exits, get everyone
 off that plane except the President and
 the crew, and await further instructions.


So, the pilot ordered an emergency evacuation
of the opposition party, which went off without
a hitch, thanks to careful training by the 
Secret Service, for situations just like
this one.  

A routine evacuation, yes.

When Bill saw what was happening, he then got 
totally enraged and got on the intercom again, 
this time yelling at the pilot:

"No, STUPID!!  I want the RIGHT WING removed from
 this aircraft!!!"


So, the pilot radioed the tower once more, and
explained the situation one more time:

"He wants the RIGHT WING removed from this aircraft.

 "Do you copy?"

As the message came over the loudspeaker in the
Dulles air traffic control tower, everyone was
so busy laughing, nobody could decide what to do,
until the Airport Manager was heard to say:

"Well.  You heard the man."

"That's an Executive Order!!"

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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