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Subject: SLS: Communists Don't Pay Taxes (fwd)

>                 Communists Exempt From Taxes!
>During the course of his ongoing research, our inverterate "gopher", Rich 
>Forest, came up with the following tid-bit from 26 USCS, Section 3121, 
>"Federal Insurance Contributions." Under the sub-paragraph "Definitions" 
>(b) Employment, it states:
>For purposes of this chapter, the term "employment" means any service, of 
>whatever nature, performed either ... except that such term shall not 
>[And, after 16 various definitions, we come to:]
>(17) service in the employ of any organization which is performed (A) in 
>any year during any part of which such organization is registered, or there 
>is in effect a final order of the Subversive Activities Control Board 
>requiring such organization to register, under the Internal Security Act of 
>1950, as amended, as a Communist-action organization, a Communist-front 
>organization, or a Communist-infiltrated organization, and (B) after June 
>30, 1956.
>We have all heard of loop-holes but this one defies logic.  Then, who ever 
>said our government was logical?
>[Reprinted from `Freedom League', May/June 1985]

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