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>                 A Short Discussion on F.I.C.A.
>                        by Leo Masters
>After doing some in-depth research, it is my opinion that, with the passage 
>of the FICA act in 1935, it was necessary that wage earners had to report 
>the amount of wages they had earned and the amount of FICA tax that was 
>withheld in order for FICA administrators to ascertain that the correct 
>amounts were being paid by employers.
>I found a page in the 1939 Internal Revenue Code that leads me to believe 
>that the original intent of Congress in passing the W-2 wage and tax 
>statement plan was to relieve the wage earner from any responsibility of 
>having to report his wages and FICA tax (i.e. FICA income).  Further 
>research of the congressional records should irrefutably prove this point.
>Here is what I found in Section 271(b)(1) on page 2243 of the 1939 Code in 
>the Congressional Discussion at the bottom of the page:
>     -Mr. COOPER.  With respect to the amendment referred to by the 
>     distinguished gentleman from New Jersey dealing with the question of 
>     deficiency assessment, I think it might be well to point out that the 
>     Senate amendment is purely technical in nature and clarifying and is an 
>     effort to try to improve the situation that exists.  In effect it 
>     restores the definition of deficiency that has been in existence for 
>     some 20 years or so, but was made difficult to apply because of the 
>     enactment of the so-called pay-as-you-go income tax system.  It will be 
>     remembered the starting point in determining a deficiency is the tax 
>     report on the return by the taxpayer.  If the amount shown on the 
>     return is less than the correct tax, a deficiency results.
>     Under this bill we are trying our best to eliminate tax returns for 
>     some 30,000,000 of our individual taxpayers by allowing them to use the 
>     so-called W-2 form, which results in the taxpayer not computing his own 
>     tax but having his tax computed by the collector... This whole thing 
>     is for the purpose of removing complications and difficulties that have 
>     arisen by reason of the enactment of the so-called pay-as-you-go system 
>     and is further required by reason of this simplification act that we 
>     now have under consideration.
>This 1939 Internal Revenue Code took me 2 years to find and cost me 125 
>bucks.  That is probably why it is so disappointing to me to see so many 
>patriots engaged in half-baked research, gathering insufficient
>I do not feel, based on my studies, that the government has written any 
>mysterious statutes to intentionally defraud or extort anything from the 
>citizens.  I do feel that it is a classic case of adopting customs during a 
>period when a lot of legislation was taking place changing the course of 
>life in the United States.  The combination of illiteracy between government 
>and citizens just followed these customs.  We have transpired into 50 years 
>of chaos and confusion which is only going to get straightened out through a 
>series of effective and well set cases in the courts.
>Our major problem is that nobody -- citizens and government alike -- reads, 
>studies, and reasons.  Until we all stop pointing the fingers of blame at 
>everyone and begin to read, study, and reason like the Founding Fathers did, 
>we will continue to have this animosity between government and citizens. 
>We have the best Congress that money can buy, and wonder why it is so 
>difficult to promote our cause on just faith alone.  It is my hope that we 
>will not continue to be the best fed and cared for slaves in the world.  
>When enough patriots forsake their toys, and use the funds to get educated, 
>support their groups, and drive out the prostitutes which govern, judge, 
>tax, and harrass us, we may then able to enjoy honest-to-goodness Life, 
>Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
>[Edited from `Freedom League Newsletter', Aug/Sept. 86]

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