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>                            FORM W-2
>Did you know that the `Federal Register' of September 11, 1946 has a bit of 
>interesting information that was recently brought to our attention by Bill 
>About Form W-2, it states:
>     Withholding statement.  This is a statement of wages paid during the 
>     calendar year and the amount of income tax withheld on such wages, if 
>     any.  The original and duplicate are furnished by the employer to the 
>     employee at the close of the calendar year or upon termination of his 
>     status as an employee.  The original is used as an optional income tax 
>     return by the employees in lieu of Form 1040.
>About Form 1040, it states:
>     Individual income tax return for net incomes from salaries, wages, 
>     dividends, interest, annuities, and incomes from other sources 
>     regardless of amounts, for calendar or fiscal years.  A return must be 
>     made on this form, *unless Form W-2 is filed*, by every citizen of the 
>     United States whether residing at home or abroad, and every person 
>     residing in the United States, though not a citizen thereof, having for 
>     the calendar or fiscal year, a gross income equal to or in excess of 
>     the personal exemption prescribed in the revenue act applicable to the 
>     year involved.
>Bill Benson tells us that he has researched `The Federal Register' from the 
>September 11, 1946 date to the present and has not found where the above 
>form descriptions have been changed.  Therefore, one of the consequences may 
>be something like this: Suppose you filed your W-2 Form all along -- exempt 
>or whatever -- and not file a 1040.  Then the IRS comes along and charges 
>you with willful failure to file.  The charges can't stick if you present 
>your evidence properly, because you did file! You have been filing an 
>optional income tax return in lieu of Form 1040.
>[Edited from `Freedom League Newsletter', Oct. 86]

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