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>                  Missing Tax Codes!
>Commerce Clearing House Inc. (CCH), 4025 W. Peterson Ave., 
>Chicago, Illinois 60646, prints an Internal Revenue Code, 
>available to the general public.  It is interesting to note that 
>Subtitle E, Excise Taxes, is missing from the publication.  To 
>find subtitle E, one would have to specifically look for it in a 
>law library.
>This is notable because Subtitle E contains specific examples of 
>a tax imposed on an item in one section with a subsequent section 
>defining precisely who is liable for the imposed tax.  There is 
>no corresponding section defining a liability for the income 
>taxes imposed in section 1 or section 3 of the Internal Revenue 
>For years, people have been searching the Internal Revenue Code 
>looking for loopholes.  The genius of the code is that, so far as 
>the income tax is concerned, people have been looking for 
>something to confirm their suspicions, without realizing it was 
>the nonexistence of something that was not understood.  This 
>revelation would have been discovered much sooner if Subtitle E 
>had been available to the general public for study by CCH.
>[Reprinted from `American Information Network Newsletter', 
>Sept/Oct. 1988]

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