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Subject: SLS: Another Screwing From Newt & The Boys (fwd)

>>As I am sure that you know, the so-called Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (HR
>>2014) was not only more of the same old congressional income tax
>>manipulation.  It was (and is!) A LOT more of the same.  The enrolled
>>version of HR 2014--from which the President cut a few lines with his
>>veto--occupies fully 298 single-spaced pages in standard 12-point type.
>>These pages laid end-to-end would nearly bridge a football field.  
>>The bill actually benefits me directly in two ways:
>>1. I am, as you may recall, both a tax professor and a CPA-tax advisor. The
>>Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is already "relieving" more of my fellow
>>citizens--relieving them of their ability to decipher their income tax
>>liabilities.  Therefore, my revenue (and their tax-advice expenses) have
>>directly increased thanks to HR 2014. 
>>2. My own personal income tax liability has been significantly reduced in
>>various ways.
>>Despite these direct, personal, short-term benefits, I am outraged by the
>>fact that this huge addition to our tax-compliance burden has been
>>dishonestly characterized by the Speaker and his coterie as "Taxpayer
>>Relief" and that it was "blessed" by a Republican Congress.
>>If I were at the town hall meeting, I might bring along a full printout of
>>HR 2014 on fan-fold paper, rolled like a giant roll of toilet paper.  While
>>expressing my distaste for this latest congressional income tax atrocity, I
>>would walk up and back across the front of the auditorium, laying down my
>>roll.  I would finish with something like this (it still needs a bit of
>>"Newt, how can anyone call this (pointing to the code arranged on the
>>floor) taxpayer relief?  For such a gross misrepresentation, the American
>>people ought to flush you, your so-called Republican Congress and your
>>Kurt S. Schulzke, CPA
>>145 Dockside Downs Drive
>>Woodstock, GA 30189
>>Ph. 770-517-4527 Fax 770-924-9048
>>Se Habla Castellano!

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