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Subject: SLS: *Jus Dare* Developments (fwd)

> *Jus Dare* Developments
>*Jus Dare* is returning, but please accept the slow pace of 
>development. It will be better than ever. We will have a digest 
>version, and the format will be restored to the original concept of
>reporting and discussing the perversion of the Supreme Court. 
>The move is complete, Helen and I are married, and our office is 
>nearly set up, so it is time to get back to the list and the 
>business of waking up our citizens.
>Mike Goldman has "reinvented the *Jus Dare* wheel," so to speak, and 
>by.net now has a full majordomo service in place. The hold-up is a 
>vast pool of ignorance on my end, and the next week or so will be my 
>learning curve. 
>Thanks to all of you for your patience. We are looking forward to the 
>improved list, and hope you will bear with us once again. A *very* 
>special note of thanks to Mike Goldman and by.net for their continued 
>support and technical expertise.
>To stay current on the affairs of the Spider Court, bookmark the *Jus 
>Dare* web page. You will find a list of basic web resources to use in 
>your own research. While it is not complete, we feel that we have an 
>excellent collection of resources on legal opinion and statute 
>reference, for federal, state, and even international law. 
>Dave Delany
>  *  *  *  *  *
>*Jus Dare* means "to give or to make the law."
>This list deals with the perversion of the Supreme Court.
>To subscribe, send the message "add yourmailname.server"
>in the body of a message to jus-dare-request@freedom.by.net
>or contact Dave Delany <freedom@hancock.net>
>Visit us on the web: http://www.hancock.net/~freedom/jus_dare
>Dave Delany's Freedom House  PO Box 212  Conklin  NY  13748
>*Jus Dare* is a service of Hearthside Family Publications.

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