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Subject: SLS: Taking Back Our Constitution (fwd)

>	This is just a reminder that this Saturday, November 15, 1997 from
>1-4pm ET, The Free Congress Foundation will present LIVE the second of a
>series of training seminars -- Taking Back Our Constitution.  This
>conference will be broadcast live from Washington, DC via satellite and
>via the Internet.
>	If you are participating via satellite, the conference will broadcast
>on NET - The Political Newstalk Network.  NET's satellite is GE-1 @ 103
>degrees, transponder T19 H.  NET is also available on DBS satellite
>dishes that subscribe to the Dish Network, and various cable stations
>accross the U.S..
>	If you are participation via the Internet, be sure you have a sound
>card and speakers.  If you have the proper hardware, next be sure to
>download the FREE Real Audio program.  This is the only program capable
>of broadcasting the conference.  You can download the program and
>troubleshoot programs from links on our home page located at
>http://www.fcref.org/constitution/.  Once you have the program
>downloaded, be sure to install it.  The RealAudio website should contain
>all the instructions necessary.  On conference day, simply visit our
>site and follow the instructions.  It is not necessary to register
>again.  (*Note - the website will change for conference day, so do not
>be alarmed that it does not contain all the instructions in its present
>	Internet users will have the opportunity to participate in a live chat.
> You will be able to listen to the conference live, while chating with
>other listeners in our NET chat room.  Simply click on the "chat" button
>on our "conference day" page, and you will be given full instructions on
>how to participate.  You will need to have the I-CHAT program, which you
>can download and install for free.  Be sure to allow yourself time to do
>this before the conference begins.  You can set it up now if you so
>choose, just follow the "chat" link from our page
>	This conference is INTERACTIVE, so be sure if you have any questions
>during the conference to call 800 5000 NET or email
>constitution@fcref.org.  We will be taking questions throughout the
>conference.  Your participation is important to us.   
>	If our website or this email does not answer all your questions, please
>don't hesitate to contact me.  Our number at the studios is 800 548 7299
>and my email is dgarthwaite@fcref.org.
>Darcy A. Garthwaite (dgarthwaite@fcref.org)
>Communications Manager
>Free Congress Foundation  

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