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Subject: SLS: The Governor's dire warning

And we all do know that land use planning
and design are required courses for all
federal judges, as part of the new "green"
revolution sweeping the federal judiciary,
from top to bottom.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  SLS

At 10:53 AM 11/13/97 +0800, you wrote:
>Locke's Dire Warning
>"If rural communities don't plan ahead they could wind up having a federal
>judge dictate what their communities will look like," said Governor Gary
>Locke according to Christina Kelly of the Peninsula Daily News.  Words as
>these should startle even the deepest sleeper.  What in the world could
>allow a Federal Judge to control our Clallam County community one should
>ask.  Later, in the same news article Gov. Locke is quoted as saying, "One
>of the biggest issues coming at us like a freight train is the Endangered
>Species Act.   If we don't plan accordingly, we could have all our land-use
>laws made by a federal judge."  With these thoughts it appears Gov. Locke
>came to the North Peninsula with a dire warning.  What has this to do with
>the economic issue of the region.  The ultimate effect ,according to Gov.
>Locke, is if we don't bow down to federal control it could result in
>layoffs, less money for communities, lack of raises, lack of development and
>the possibility that federal decision will dictate what happens in our
>communities.  Strange that the governor of our state threatens us with
>federal intervention.  Has Gov. Locke never read either the National or
>State Constitutions?  Each of these documents protect us from threats such
>as these.
>If we were to ask Gov. Locke,  "What business opportunities are available?"
>He would think of hi-tech operations such as building airplanes or designing
>software.  What if we wished to go into a community effort such as
>manufacturing shoes, clothes or common household goods?  Oh, that is not
>reasonable.  Most of these items are made by very low wage workers in China
>and other parts of Asia.  While American sleeps the great lie grows in our
>nation.  We can ignore this major law of economics: wealth comes from mans
>unceasing labor with the resources of the land and the sea?  The lie is we
>can support our families by selling and repairing products other nations
>create.  Slowly but surely, according to Gov. Locke and the economic summit,
>we must give up the opportunity to utilize our land and sea for community
>profit or....a federal judge will force us into an economic slavery.  

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