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Subject: SLS: Isaiah 63

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Greetings in the name of the LORD.

You responded  to the  posting  concerning  the  upcoming  dipole
reversal sequence which is at the very door.  It is well that you
are all ears over this.

Now the  original  posting  contained  little  if  any  religious
reference.   If you  are offended  by reference  to GOD or by the
idea that  GOD can  teach HIS  servants the  TRUE physics  of the
universe, then  you ought to leave off reading this right now and
delete this  file, because  the fact is that you will not survive
this, unless  you understand  and believe  what I teach you about
the upcoming events.

Let's clear the rest of the air:

If you are a UFO devotee and believe that UFO's are coming to put
you  in   a  safe   place  while  the  Earth  goes  through  some
catastrophic changes  then this  is where you should stop reading
because this  information is  not for  you nor will it do you any
good at  all;  the LIVING GOD has sent you a strong delusion that
you should  believe a  lie because  you took  no pleasure  in the
TRUTH, therefore  the LIVING  GOD  has  appointed  this  time  to
destroy you  from off of the face of the Earth.  The fact is that
many shall  be removed  from the earth by angels of GOD who shall
gather the  tares up  in bundles to be burned.  The false rapture
doctrine is  the same thing.  Those who disappear have been taken
away and  destroyed by the Angels of GOD, who have been appointed
to this task.

If you  are the  follower or  devotee of  some channeler  like JZ
Knight, Jane  Roberts or  Edgar Cayce  or any of a host of others
then here's  the place you should get off because the day of your
destruction is set and you shall be removed from the Earth in the
consuming fire  of the  LIVING GOD.   Neither  shall there be any
remembrance of you forever.

Next, if  your religion  is that  of polytheism like the Catholic
church or  Hinduism and you worship the host of heaven or pray to
a variety  of saints  or apostles or gods or if you are a Buddist
or Sufi  or Taoist  or Shintoist  then this is not for you if you
will not  repent and  change your  heart, or if you are a devoted
member of one of the harlot daughter churches (protestant) or are
a Jehovah's Witness or Southern Baptist or a member of the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Methodist or Lutheran or
any other  so-called Christian  church then  hear now the Word of
the LIVING  GOD before  whom I  stand and  Whose servant I am Who
says to  HIS elect:   "Come out of the great whore church systems
and out  of her  harlot daughters  that you do not partake of her
sins nor receive of her plagues." If the elect of GOD were not in
these abominable  organizations then GOD should not have occasion
to call  them out  of her  but because they are in her and in her
daughter churches  GOD in  HIS mercy  is calling  them out  to  a
better fellowship.   A  fellowship with  HIS SON, Yeshua Messiah,
the WORD of GOD.

Next, if  you are  a Jew  or a  follower of  Islam and  have  not
received Messiah  into your heart nor have you offered the throne
of your  being to the WORD of GOD then you are invited to receive
the WORD  of GOD but the time is short and to receive the WORD of
the LIVING  GOD requires  that you make ready the only acceptable
sacrifice which  is a  broken heart and a contrite spirit.  Hurry
now, for  if you  delay, then shall you hear HIS footsteps at the
door and  be afraid  and then  shall you call out but HE will not
hear neither  will he  have compassion  upon you  because of  the
stretching out of your spirit to HIM from the door of death.

Now who  am I?   I am the servant of the LIVING GOD anointed with
HIS HOLY SPIRIT to stand by the GOD of the whole earth.

The LIVING  GOD before  Whom I  stand and Whose servant I am, has
called me  to be  a prophet unto the nations on these matters and
has shown  me the  great and  terrible  destructions  which  must
shortly come  to pass.   The fact that you have received the WORD
of GOD  which has  come through  me bodes  well for  you, because
Messiah taught  that he  who receives  a prophet in the name of a
prophet, receives  a prophet's  reward.  And the prophet's reward
is eternal  life, because  GOD's true prophets have the testimony
of Yeshua  Messiah (they  have the WORD of GOD dwelling in them),
and he who hears and accepts the WORD of GOD hears it because the
WORD already  dwells within them as well.  His sheep know HIM and
hear HIS  voice.   Take care and do not let the evil one come and
pluck it out of you.

How to survive this?  When you hear on the news that the magnetic
field of  the earth  is changing rapidly, then flee away from the
seashore, because the dipole field can be down in as little as 15
days.  Magnetic loops will form rapidly before the field has gone
completely to  the poloidal current mode state.  The intersection
and collapse  of multiple loops will release catastrophic amounts
of energy,  and those  will engender  Giant earthquakes in and of
themselves, besides triggering the release of any built up strain
in existing faults under load.

At sea,  such releases  will generate  very large  SUPER tsunamis
which will  inundate many  coastal cities.   For  those of you in
Calcutta, India  and Dakha,  Bangledesh, leave  these cities  and
flee to  the inland  far from  the Brahmaputra  and Ganges  flood
plains, for  there shall  the LORD  make a  great supper  for the
fouls of  the air and or the beasts of the field and for the fish
of the  sea.   If you  live in  Hawaii, you  should take the next
flight out  to the mainland for, on a certain day, the LORD shall
hear the  cries of  the wicked,  as the Islands sink into the sea
faster than  they can  be evacuated.   There  also shall the LORD
give a great supper unto the sharks and the fowls of the air.

Now is  the time  for all of the LORD's anointed to offer up unto
the FATHER  a broken  heart and  a contrite  spirit, which is the
only acceptable  sacrifice.   In other  words, now is the time to
fill your  lamp with  the oil of GOD which is freely available at
this hour  of mercy  but, when  the destruction begins, wherewith
shall men  find a merchant to sell them this oil?  If you believe
the WORD  of GOD which has come to you through me, then salvation
has come to your house.  Rejoice.  Amen.

Practical matters?   Obtain a heavy canvas tent (not a poly fiber
tent) and  ordinary camping  and survival  supplies and have them
ready to go.  Take along a transistor radio for news and remember

This destruction  is spoken  of in Isaiah 63, and is the WRATH of
GOD which  comes into  the world, to take away the wicked and the
unrepentant and  the enemies  of TRUTH.   It  is  not  a  general
destruction which rampantly shall kill both the righteous and the
wicked,  but  is  the  appointed  Day  of  Wrath  to  remove  the
rebellious, but  is the  Year of  His  Redeemed  for  the  LORD's
anointed and,  when it  is over, you shall see the wicked no more
forever until midnight of the great Eighth Day of the LORD, which
shall be in a thousand years, when satan is once again loosed for
a small  season, that  the final  dross of  the trying  of  GOD's
people may rise up and be removed and cast away forever.

The LIVING  GOD has  shown that  it shall  not come near unto his
elect, but  that a  thousand shall  fall at  your  side  and  ten
thousand at  your right  hand (but  it shall  not come  nigh unto

May the LORD sustain you as you warn and carry the WORD of GOD to
others in these matters.

Continuing with  practical matters, one should have an evacuation
plan and  be prepared  to drop everything, and proceed with it as
soon as  you hear  that the  dipole  field  appears  be  starting
through a  rapid reversal  sequence.   Take along extra water and
water containers  and food (dried) and set your tent upon a plain
away  from   trees  that,  should  they  fall,  might  kill  you.
Depending upon  where you  live (where  do you  live?), you might
want to  go to  some mountains, but not necessarily, so depending
upon how deep the root of the origin might be, and whether or not
they have  hot basements,  for many mountain chains will begin to
subside, but likely not right away.  Help others who are in need,
and fear  not for  your lives,  but be prepared in your souls and
you will fare well.

Think about  the practical  matters.   For the  period  when  the
dipole is down and the Earth gets hit with CME's, you may want to
carry around  an emergency  space blanket in a little kit on your
hip.   If you  are inside  of a  house when  one hits,  you  will
survive it  unscathed but,  if you  are outside  and you lack the
faith to see GOD's hand deflect it from you, then a space blanket
can afford  you some protection.  Violent wind storms will follow
any CME atmospheric heating event.

Recognize that  the infrastructure of society is going to be torn
asunder for  a period.   Think  about emergency power and heating
for winter.   Wood  stoves are  definitely  called  for,  because
electricity will generally be unavailable.  The LORD has shown me
a new technology see http://teleport.com/~singtech to replace the
distributed power  systems in use today, and has shown me that HE
will open  up men's  heart's to  tithe to  this project, and will
gather skilled  men and  women to this project to bring it about.

Do as you are moved by GOD in these matters.  Amen.

If you  are offended  by this  message, so be it.  Email me and I
will take  you off  of this  list forever.  I am not called to be
popular and  loved but rather, am called to be hated by the world
because  of   the  plagues   and  earthquakes  and  tsunamis  and
scorchings from heaven that the LORD shall have me pronounce upon
the earth  and because  of the  draughts and  famines which shall
afflict men  at my  word, which  is put into my mouth by the HOLY

There can take place in a person's life few harder things than to
walk away  from a  church system  which you  may have thought was
true but  which was not;  nevertheless, if you want to enjoy full
fellowship with  the WORD of GOD and to stand by in safety as the
world is  afflicted in  great distress,  then no sacrifice is too

Now, for  those of  you who  have received  this message  in  all
sobriety of  heart and  mind and  who believe  it and will follow
what I have said, then greetings and peace be unto you.


Charles Cagle

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