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Subject: SLS: Tax Protestor FAQ by Dan Evans (fwd)

Just ask him to itemize the specific liability
statutes which impose Subtitle A income taxes
on Citizens of the several states.

Make sure he cites them by section number.

Don't hold your breath, however!  :)

(Many of you know this approach already, but it's
 nice to see it work in a real, live situation.)

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 03:30 AM 11/9/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I can only hope that some of you will have the stomach and the spare 
>time to answer "Attorney Dan", for, candidly, I do not.  If you 
>cannot come up with good, rational rebuttal to his arguments, then 
>you probably should rethink any significant involvement in the 
>patriot/tax movement. Personally, I have no difficulty addressing his 
>"arguments" in my own mind and heart.  It is his attitude that makes 
>my blood boil and then my heart sink.  Having just this evening 
>watched the video "WACO - The Rules of Engagement", I see in 
>"Attorney Dan" the very mentality which murdered the Branch Davidians 
>-- an arrogant, hardened heart, devoid of caring and saturated with 
>conceit and self-importance.  God help us all.   HT
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>Subject:       Tax Protestor FAQ by Dan Evans
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>Dan, the tax attorney has a new page for our perusal and is requesting
>and any feedback we may have.
>Brooks Martin


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