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Subject: SLS: Experiencing Miracles (fwd)  [corrected]

Martin J. "Red" Beckman experienced a 
miraculous cure for a heart severely
enlarged from a bout with rheumatic fever 
as a youth.  In his late 40's, he was admitted
to a cardiac specialist unit in Denver, Colorado,
where he could hardly walk down the hallway,
without fainting, or reaching for the railings 
mounted on the walls.

The work-up was done by a team of highly
specialized heart doctors, who are assisted
by real-time video cameras attached to 
"umbilical" cables that are inserted into
main arteries and fed right up to the
heart's main valves, where close-up images 
are filmed and recorded, for later study
by these specialists.

After that exploratory operation, all of
the doctors on that team were assembled
around Beckman's recovery room gurney,
as he began to regain consciousness and
open his eyes.   Beckman's first sight
was the head physician, leaning over his
face and smiling happily at him.

Beckman asked, "Okay.  Now give me the
bad news."

"There is no bad news," said the doctor.

"What do you mean?  You guys brought me 
 all the way down here from Billings,
 only to tell me that nothing is wrong?
 I can't believe this!"

"Mr. Beckman, we have completed our exploration, 
 and you are now a healthy man.

"You are free to put on your clothes,
 and walk out of here," said the Doctor,
 still smiling broadly.  "You won't need
 the railings to help you any more."

"Now, I DO know you are trying to fool me,
 because I cannot even walk down the
 hallways of this hospital, without fainting.

"What is going on here?" Beckman asked, 
 quite perplexed.

At that moment, all of the doctors were smiling
quite broadly, and some of them were even laughing

"Mr. Beckman, we have done a complete and thorough
 examination of your heart, with the most modern
 technology that is known to exist on this planet.

"We have filmed the evidence up close, using a
 video catheter and a high resolution color video 
 recorder & monitor.  The evidence is now safely stored 
 in our data archives.

"You now have a completely new heart, and we did nothing
 whatsoever, except to document this event.  We did not
 do a transplant, not this time.  There was no need.

"We see this all the time here, and it is the very best
 part of our work in this hospital.  

"You are a completely healthy many now, and you must
 put on your clothes and get out of here, because we
 need the beds for other sick people.  Okay?"

Red Beckman later went on to document the fraudulent
16th amendment, and to travel the length and breadth of
this great nation, with his loving and faithful wife,
Earlene, telling everyone who would listen that 
the federal income tax is a gigantic fraud.

Red Beckman also assisted Paul Mitchell as a mentor,
and recommended Paul as Counselor at Law to the
Montana Freeman, after Paul filed People v. United States
in Garfield county court, to restrain the FBI from
using lethal force against those "Freemen".  Red was
also very instrumental in planning the case of People v.
Boxer, a petition for Writ of Mandamus compelling
Sen. Barbara Boxer to witness the evidence which Red had
assembled against the 16th amendment, with Bill Benson.

Red and Earlene Beckman can be reached at:

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. "Red" Beckman
P.O. Box 1544
Billings 59103/tdc

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>      Henry Ayre wrote:
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>>           >
>>           > >There is not one proven documented instance of
>>           a miracle.NOT ONE.
>>           > >But there are lots of stories about miracles.
>>           Stories are not reliable
>>           > >evidence.
>>           >
>>           > Science refuses to call any miracle a miracle.
>>           Instead the term
>>           > unexplained phenomena is utilized.  My
>>           father-in-law, a physician, has
>>           > many cases that he calls miracles.
>>   Here's a copy of an email that I just received today discussing an
>> on-going miracle.
>>   The problem with being so miopic (sp?)  about miracles is that most
>> people do not live lives where miracles are a "natural" part of their
>> lives. Nowadays I almost take them for granted because I am used to
>> seeing how God operates in the lives of people who seek Him.  When you
>> don't live in that place, naturally you are going to see less and less
>> the Hand of God at work in people's lives.  It's sort of like
>> critisizing the Gulf of Mexico for producing poor seafood while never
>> having been to the south.  You have to get down there! :-)
>> here's the email I just recived:
>> --------
>> November 11, 1997
>> Dear friends and family,
>>         The Lord continues to pour out His Spirit upon this new
>> church.  Wow!
>> This week was yet another adventure in walking with God.  We are
>> planning
>> to start our Sunday School Program in December.  Please keep this
>> ministry
>> in your prayers.
>>         I enjoyed returning to Boulder City Sunday and rejoicing with
>> them about
>> what God is doing in Henderson.  It was time for a report from the
>> field.
>> They have been so supportive.  WE had a great time sharing stories of
>> Godís
>> grace.
>>         This Sunday was marked by a very special miracle.  One of the
>> people from
>> the RV park has been healed from cancer.
>>         About four weeks ago I met Don and his wife.  Don was sent
>> home from the
>> hospital to die.  They had marked his medical files DNR wich means Do
>> Not
>> Resuscitate.  Don and his wife had started to plan Donís funeral.
>> They did
>> not expect him to last the week.  Our church, Integrity Christian
>> Church,
>> as well as numerous Christians have been praying for Don.  We have
>> been
>> begging God to touch Donís life.
>>         Last weekend Don and his wife attended both the morning and
>> evening church
>> services at the RV park.  Don responded to the morning altar call and
>> returned to the evening service.
>>         This past week, Don has been in the hospital for his second
>> Chemo
>> treatment.  I had not even finished unloading the truck for the
>> morning
>> service this Sunday, when one of the residents of the RV park informed
>> me
>> that Donís cancer was gone.  They had removed his trachea tube and
>> planned
>> on treating one remaining lump in his throat.  Praise the LORD!!!!!
>>         I have not had a chance to speak with Don or see the doctorís
>> reports;
>> however, just from what I have seen, this is a miracle.  Don was not
>> expected to last the week when I met him; he has been given these
>> weeks and
>> it appears several more to spend with us and his family.  Iíll let you
>> know
>> more details on this one as I receive them.
>>                         Pastor Mark B.
>> --------
>> .. And there you have it.
>> - K -
>Can I PLEASE sell you a bridge in Brooklyn?
>C U F
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