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Subject: SLS: announcing John Leary and Terry L. Cook seminars
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                     You Are Invited to ...
                     "Prepare for the Great
                 Tribulation & the Era of Peace"
                 by attending a FREE conference
                   Saturday, November 22, 1997
                OMNI Tucson National Golf Resort
            2727 W. Club Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85742
                    Sunday, November 23, 1997
                    WYNDHAM Metrocenter Hotel
                   10220 N. Metro Parkway East
                     Phoenix, Arizona 85051
              Begins @ 9:00 a.m. *  Seating Limited
                       Box Lunch Available
            for more information call: (520) 797-9023
          Internet website for messages via John Leary:

About John Leary:

It was  in July  of 1993  that Almighty  God, especially  through
Jesus, His Eternal Word, entered the life of John Leary in a most
remarkable way.  The messages that are contained in these special
volumes will change the way you view your life on earth;  all you
need to  do is  listen with  an open  mind.   In doing so, you'll
receive many insights into the kind of relationship God wishes to
establish  with  you  and  come  to  understand  God's  plan  for
salvation.  You'll witness the love He has for us and how much He
yearns for  our response.   If you are interested in knowing what
the future  holds for  America and  how we  must prepare  for the
times ahead, read these vitally important books.

As Jesus and Mary said:

"Listen to My words of warning, and you will be ready to share in
the beauty of the second coming."  Jesus 7/4/96

"I will work miracles of conversion on those who read these books
with an open mind."  Jesus 9/6/96

"Hear my  messages and  read again  the old messages that you may
realize these  words of  warning and preparation are for your age
at this time."  Mary 6/24/95

"... there will come a time when you will be banned from speaking
and you  will rely  on your  books to spread the message."  Jesus

The messages concern:

*  The Olympic Park bombing
*  The President
*  The comet headed for Earth
*  The price of abortion
*  The three days of darkness
*  The great sign
*  The illumination
*  The mark of the beast
*  The smart card
*  The Internet & much more

More about the Author:

John Leary  became aware  of God's  special call in July of 1993.
At that  time, he  freely gave  his will  to God and consented in
faith to  whatever will  come.  John has been going to daily Mass
since he  was seventeen  and has  been conducting a weekly prayer
group for  over twenty  years.   He lives in Rochester, New York,
with his wife of over thirty years and his youngest daughter.  He
currently speaks  all over  the country to spread the word.  John
receives two messages daily.

About Terry L. Cook:

Terry Cook  documents the  nearly complete  transition to the New
World Order.   He  will reveal  the hidden  agenda of  the groups
involved, as  well as  the technology  for accomplishing it.  Mr.
Cook's assertions are well documented.  He addresses not only the
technical, but  the political  and prophetic,  as well.    He  is
recognized as  a leading  authority on  identity  methods  (Smart
Cards and Biometrics) and biochip implants (RFID Technology).

Terry's presentation addresses:

*  future shock
*  loss of privacy and electronic bondage
*  the 666 system
*  computerizing people
*  cashless society
*  New World Order organizations
*  bar codes
*  automated highways
*  global positioning systems
*  the mark

More about the Author:

*  noted lecturer & author of "The Mark of the New World Order
   and America's Identity Crisis"

*  expert on: the coming international I.D. Card, the cashless
   economic system, injectable biochip and other developing

*  retired Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff

*  former State of California Fraud Investigator and
   Real Estate Commissioner

*  commercial jet pilot & flight instructor

Is this  new technology  the "mark of the beast" described in the
book of Revelation?

Terry  Cook   will  provide   indisputable  secular  evidence  --
including 80 lbs. of laminated documentation and a display of the
technological items already in use.


This conference  is to "alert & educate" -- that you would not be
"ignorant" of  what is going on around us and miss the importance
of the message it foretells.

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