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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: PRECEDENSES [sic]
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The People of the United States of America,
ex relatione Paul Mitchell, have already
established standing in People v. United States,
in the DCUS, Billings, Montana state.

If you are trying to argue that the People have
no standing, then you are sadly mistaken.  The
People also sued Senator Barbara Boxer in
People v. Boxer, California Supreme Court,
case number #S-030016, December 1992.

The Supreme Law Library has many of the pertinent
pleadings, including a transcript of the
ruling by John M. Roll that the USDC does not
have original jurisdiction to enforce the
Freedom of Information Act.  The rest of the
pleadings in that case are now published and
available in the Supreme Law Library.

See "Karma and the Federal Courts" for a 
layman's discussion of this particular issue.

Kennedy concurring in U.S. v. Lopez cited
the term "federal zone" as a household word,
thus giving it a permanent place in the
history of American constitutional jurisprudence.
Justice Kennedy is on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Last but not least, Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF
is now before the 8th Circuit in St. Louis.
Last I heard, the Clerk's staff estimated
that it would take them at least two years
to sort out all the major issues which arose
in those 2 cases, i.e., U.S.A. v. Gilbertson and 
Gilbertson v. U.S. et al.  The 8th Circuit's
opinion will, no doubt, be published, in due time.

Perhaps that is not enough for you.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 02:21 AM 11/17/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> In this discussion, we are asserting the People's fundamental Right to
>> sue in a court of law, to enforce the U.S. Constitution as a contract in
>> equity.  Congress has blended law and equity anyway, in the Federal
>> Rules of Civil Procedure.
>I think you will find that you have no standing
>for your described activities. What I would like to
>see is a citation to a state or federal reporter of
>a case in which you particpated. Please provide it.
>We can all then locate the case, read the opinion,
>and be more knowledgeable in these discussions.

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