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Let me understand this:

Clinton sells the White House and the
Long Beach Naval Shipyard to Red Chinese
bent on military domination of North America,
and for this he receives a bonus of $75,000.
The Performance Management and Recognition
System must reach much further than I ever
thought possible heretofore.

Do I have it correctly, or not?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>   DAILY NEWS FROM ISRAEL - ISSUE 610 - 16th November 1997
>>A peace foundation set up by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres will award
>>$75,000 to U.S. President Bill Clinton for his efforts toward peace. The
>>fund was established with the prize money from the Nobel Peace Prize
>>bestowed on Rabin and Peres in 1994. Clinton will receive the award,
>>along with a statue by artist Danny Caravan, at a White House ceremony
>>next week in Washington. Peres and Leah Rabin are expected to attend
>>ceremony. {AP 11/16 P|C}
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