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Although my first client defeated all felony charges,
he went to federal prison anyway, on a bogus conviction
for "willful failure to file."  The federal judge in
that case trampled upon the defendant's right to know
the nature and cause of the accusation, when my client
demanded to know what specific statute(s) made him a 
Person required to file.  The pertinent pleadings will be
loaded in the Supreme Law Library, just as soon as
time and resources permit.  That client was also a
California state judge, and he became my most important
mentor, by far.  He told me that the key to busting the
Internal Revenue Code was to be found in the Sixth
Amendment.  He was right!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

At 12:04 PM 11/17/97 EST, you wrote:
>Over the years, I have had problems with many people who otherwise
>seemed to be dedicated, knowlegeable patriots.
>What I have discovered in the past year is that they probably all had
>good intentions but most people do not want their beliefs challenged
>on any subject be it economic, political or spiritual.
>I was puzzled that my siblings would not ask me for the true reason
>that I spent 7 months in the concentration camp at Leavenworth KS.
>I finally realized that if the press told them it was tax evasion and
>accepted that, they could not initiate questions that challenged their
>own beliefs.     The mind is too much like a computer.  It rejects data
>that it is not programmed for.  And so it is with Beckman, Peggy Poor,
>Jim Townsend, Jim Lowry, Abe Austin, Sheldom Emry and hoards of
>others, most of whom are not (were not) Monetary Realists.
>I would surely have shared their false beliefs had I not well known the
>late Merrill Jenkins, the first Monetary Realist.
>I can not think of any two facts more important in the battle for freedom
>than the facts that government spends nothing and that government
>can not permit all of us to live 80 years.
>Keep up the good work and forgive me my tresspasses.
>We have a government that can do ANYTHING with us, for us, to us or
>to others as long as the majority falsely believe that they are paid with
>strips of paper and as long as the majority will ridicule and punish the
>few who refuse to waive their God given rights by signing 1040 forms.
>"My people perish for lack of knowledge"  Hosea 4:6

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