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>Rep. Traficant, House of Representatives, Nov. 7, 1997
>Mr. Speaker, students in Alabama are skipping  school  protesting
>the  fact that they are not allowed to pray. Think about it. Even
>though America has guns, rape, drugs, even heroin and  murder  in
>our  schools,  students  are not allowed to pray. Unbelievable. A
>school without prayer is a school without God and a  nation  that
>denies  prayer  is  a  nation  that denies God; and a nation that
>denies God is a nation that just may welcome the devil.
>Members of Congress, the Constitution  may  separate  church  and
>State,  but  the  Founders never intended to separate God and the
>American people.
>I yield back any common sense and logic we have left.
>  Published in the Nov. 17, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
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