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>By Cathy Leahy
>Two hundred years ago Frenchman Alexis  de  Tocqueville  came  to
>America  to analyze a fledgling democracy and he left celebrating
>her  by  writing  "Democracy  in  America."   Four   years   ago,
>Englishman  Ambrose  Evans-Pritchard came with that same hope and
>instead has written America's eulogy in "The Secret Life of  Bill
>Clinton".  After  reading  this  well written and well documented
>book, one might wish  to  rename  it,   "The  Death  of  American
>Democracy At The Hands of Bill Clinton."
>And if one didn't know the book is about an  American  president,
>one  would  think  it describes Hitler, Stalin or better yet, the
>(now executed for their crimes) Ceaucescus of Romania.  In  fact,
>Evans-Pritchard  warns that under the corruption of Bill Clinton,
>"you can sniff the pungent odors of decay in  the  American  body
>politic" that was in evidence in continental Europe in the 1920s.
>This is a chilling account of  an  emerging  Clinton  pattern  of
>lawlessness  with  the  witting  and  unwitting  complicity  of a
>complacent establishment that should know  better.  And  although
>Evans-Pritchard  doesn't  say  it, he paints a startling parallel
>for anyone who has studied history and the rise of Adolf Hitler.
>Like Hitler, Clinton used established rules to legally  establish
>himself  and quickly went about subverting those same rules. Like
>Hitler, once in  office  Clinton  set  about  politicizing  every
>government  agency  under  his control, replacing established law
>enforcement  with  his  own  loyalists  that  would  silence  his
>critics.   Like  Hitler,  he  then  took  control of the press to
>further silence  dissent,  although  Clinton  has  done  it  with
>seduction  and  lies.   Then,  unencumbered by law, he went about
>exterminating his inconvenient associates, two of whom were Vince
>Foster  and  Jerry Parks.  That done, he must now create a reason
>for people to give up their liberty in favor of safety  with  the
>Oklahoma  City  bombing.  Hitler used his henchman to provoke and
>help an already irate dissident, Marinus van der Lubbe,  to  burn
>the  German  Reichstag  in  1933.  Clinton  used Oklahoma City to
>expand his power. If not stopped - and  soon,  what  will  he  do
>Evans-Pritchard tells us of the Dixie Mafia and  about  Clinton's
>rampant  corruption in Arkansas. He tells us that the Dixie Mafia
>is far more dangerous than the Cosa Nostra. Thirty murders  in  a
>ten  year period is nothing to Clinton's Dixie Mafia with its one
>hundred and fifty.
>This  book  is  a  portrait,  with  documentation,  of   American
>despotism  that  we  never thought could happen.  Left to his own
>devices, Clinton will  put  the  final  nail  in  the  coffin  of
>American  democracy. The author does offer some hope, though, but
>it will have to come from ordinary citizens who still believe  in
>the rule of law.
>But if Clinton is tried and convicted for his crimes, will he  be
>punished  properly?  Will  he  be  locked  away  along  with  his
>accomplices never to be heard from again or will he simply be set
>out  to pasture, free to live out his goal of a "one world order"
>with himself at the helm?
>It's a frightening account but it is a "must  read"  by  we,  the
>"ordinary   citizens."    And   although   America's   government
>controlled schools will never  allow  it,  this  book  should  be
>required reading in every classroom - to save the country.
>[The Secret Life of Bill  Clinton.  By  Ambrose  Evans-Pritchard,
>Regnery  Publishing,  Inc.,  Nov.  1997.  Available  through  the
>Washington Weekly web site.]
>  Published in the Nov. 17, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
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