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Subject: SLS: DOJ Inspector General To Probe FBI (fwd)

>DOJ Inspector General To Probe FBI
>      WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department's inspector general
>will investigate why the FBI overlooked information on possible
>Chinese efforts to buy political influence in U.S. elections.
>      Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh, in a
>joint statement Friday, said the internal probe will ``investigate
>why the information was not properly transmitted within the FBI,
>and to review the process for sharing counterintelligence
>      The joint statement, confirming a report in The Washington Post,
>said the FBI learned in September that it was ``in possession of
>certain counterintelligence information that related, directly or
>indirectly, to the campaign finance investigation'' by the Justice
>      Much of the information ``consists of raw, uncorroborated
>intelligence that is not always accurate, and that requires
>significant analysis before the information is appropriate for
>dissemination,'' the officials said.
>      The Justice Department said the information would have been
>provided immediately to prosecutors, as well as House and Senate
>committees investigating campaign fund raising.
>      Reno ordered Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder ``to ensure
>that any remaining relevant information is gathered by the FBI.''
>      ``There should truly be some heads rolled over this,'' said Rep.
>Dan Burton, R-Ind., chairman of the House Government Reform and
>Oversight Committee.
>      ``The attorney general and Mr. Freeh need to come to the
>Congress of the United States and explain their actions,'' he said.
>      Among the pieces of information unearthed was a report that
>Democratic fund-raiser Maria Hsia had dealt with the Chinese
>government, said people familiar with the FBI investigation who
>spoke on condition of anonymity.
>      But the information did not directly tie Hsia's dealings with
>China to political fund raising, said one source.
>      An immigration consultant, Hsia has helped Chinese people
>immigrate or get visas to travel to this country, said her lawyer,
>Nancy Luque, who added she was not surprised that Hsia's name
>turned up in ``raw intelligence'' files.
>      ``Someone who traveled to China as much as she did and spoke on
>the phone with people in China as much as she did is bound to catch
>the eye of people who are paid to watch such things. I firmly
>believe it's no more than that.'
>      Meanwhile, a Democratic fund-raiser, Johnny Chung, asserted his
>Fifth Amendment rights and refused to testify under oath Friday in
>a closed-door session of Burton's panel. But he then spent more
>than three hours talking informally to lawmakers in private.
>      ``The information, we think, will be helpful. We will pursue
>those leads,'' Burton said.
>AP-NY-11-15-97 0144EST
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>contained in the AP news report may not be published, 
>broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without 
>prior written authority of The Associated Press.

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