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Subject: SLS: Chinagate is now espionage in the White House (fwd)

>from the Washington Weekly:
>  Bombshell Report Cites Suppressed Evidence of Communist Plot
>by Carl Limbacher
>    OYSTER BAY--Fifty years ago, a young  California  Congressman
>became  the  first  to take the allegations of Whittaker Chambers
>seriously.  Chambers had alleged that top State  Department  aide
>Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy.  Hiss's ensuing trial and conviction
>on perjury charges laid bare one of the great American  political
>scandals  of  this  century:  The  Communists had infiltrated the
>highest levels of our government and  were  secretly  working  to
>subvert it.
>    The revelations permanently  tarnished  Franklin  Roosevelt's
>legacy.   To  this  day,  many  New  Dealers refuse to accept the
>notion that  the  president  who  had  led  the  country  through
>Depression  and  World War could have been so easily duped by the
>man FDR referred  to  as  "Uncle  Joe"  Stalin.   But  the  deals
>Roosevelt cut with Stalin were followed inevitably by the descent
>of an Iron Curtain across Eastern Europe.  In a  legendary  photo
>of the Yalta meeting between FDR, Stalin in Churchill, Alger Hiss
>can be seen hovering in the background.   In what may turn out to
>be  one  of  the  great historical ironies of all time, the young
>California congressman who used Whittaker Chambers to expose Hiss
>was  Richard  Nixon,  the  future  37th  president  of the United
>States.   Ironic  because  fifty  years  later  history  may   be
>repeating  itself  for President Clinton, who, because of his own
>"Alger Hiss" problem, may face the  same  fate  Nixon  ultimately
>    Now it's clear  that  the  taint  of  Communist  infiltration
>haunts   the  Clinton  administration.   Yes,  it  has  thus  far
>weathered a year's worth of media reports on its campaign finance
>scandal.   And  four months of Sen. Fred Thompson's investigation
>into same had seemed to fall short  of  the  mark.   But  it  was
>Thompson himself, the press often reminds us, who set the bar too
>high.  It had seemed as if the Tennessee Senator had over-reached
>at the outset, when he charged that clear and compelling evidence
>existed  of  a  Chinese  Communist  plot  to  influence  American
>elections.  By  the end of October, Thompson cut bait, explaining
>that, while he still believed his charge was  accurate,  the  FBI
>intelligence  data that could have proved it necessarily remained
>    But just days ago, Fred Thompson was vindicated.  In fact, if
>anything,  the  story  that  ran  on  the  front page of Friday's
>Washington  Post   makes   Thompson's   claim   seem   positively
>understated.   The  evidence uncovered by former Watergate sleuth
>Bob Woodward, in a story headlined "FBI Had Overlooked Key  Files
>in Probe of Chinese Influence," suggests more than a mere attempt
>by the Chinese to buy access.  That evidence suggests  that  Bill
>Clinton  is  embroiled in an espionage scandal the likes of which
>haven't been seen since the days of Hiss and Chambers.
>    What else can one make of Woodward passages like this:
>  The belatedly discovered files indicate that Maria Hsia -  a
>  Taiwanese  American  immigrant  who  for  a decade has raised
>  money for Democratic causes -  was  "doing  the  bidding"  of
>  Beijing as a Chinese agent, a senior official said.
>    As Woodward noted, Hsia has connections going  back  to  1988
>with  Clinton  crony James Riady.  Riady's Lippo Group has become
>in recent years pretty much a  wholly  owned  subsidiary  of  the
>Chinese  government.   Maria Hsia worked closely with John Huang,
>who's suspicious DNC fund- raising first raised eyebrows  a  year
>ago.   Hsia  was  co-chair  with Huang of the April 1996 Buddhist
>Temple fundraiser where $140,000 in foreign money  was  laundered
>on its way to help with Clinton's re-election.
>   Speaking of Mr. Huang, another Woodward tidbit  seems  to  put
>him firmly in the Alger Hiss territory:
>  (FBI Director)  Freeh's  order  turned  up  other  previously
>  undisclosed   leads   from   FBI   files,  including  reports
>  considered reliable but unconfirmed that Huang, while serving
>  as  a  senior  Commerce  Department  official  in the Clinton
>  administration, passed a classified document to  the  Chinese
>  government.
>    That one classified document passed by Huang  is  surely  the
>tip  of the Chinese Communist spy-berg - given the record brought
>out at the Thompson hearings.  While at Commerce  Huang  received
>top  secret clearance (without routine FBI background checks) and
>sat in on numerous briefings covering classified material.  Paula
>Greene, a secretary with the Lippo connected Stephen's Investment
>firm, recalled that Huang would sneak  out  from  his  office  at
>Commerce and go across the street to Stephens' Washington office,
>where he would collect faxes and  packages  from  his  old  Lippo
>bosses.   Ms.  Greene  would notify Huang whenever Lippo material
>would arrive for him, but was  instructed  to  do  so  in strict
>secrecy.  Telephone records indicate that Huang himself initiated
>regular contact with Lippo  throughout  his  Commerce  Department
>stint.   Huang  had numerous opportunities to get U.S. secrets to
>the Chinese through that conduit alone.  During a Sept. 13,  1995
>White  House meeting with James Riady, Lippo lawyer Joseph Giroir
>and consigliere Bruce Lindsey, Bill Clinton  personally  approved
>John Huang's transfer to a key DNC post.
>    For those who still believe, as many did for years with Alger
>Hiss,  that  Huang  and  Hsia's behavior was somehow unrelated to
>plans  hatched  in  Communist  capitals,  Woodward's   concluding
>paragraph contains some bad news:
>  After Thompson announced two weeks ago that he was suspending
>  his   public  hearings,  officials  said,  the  FBI  obtained
>  intelligence showing that the Ministry of State  Security  in
>  Beijing  - the Chinese equivalent of the CIA - boasted it had
>  been successful in "thwarting" the congressional inquiry.
>    So much for Chinese strongman Jiang Zemin's denials  of  just
>two  weeks ago, which he offered personally while looking Clinton
>right in the eye, that there was no  Chinese  plot.   Of  course,
>what  significance  is  such  a denial of conspiracy - as offered
>from one conspirator to another?  That may  be  a  heady  charge.
>But  look  at  the  evidence  staring Americans foresquare in the
>    On February 2, 1996,  the  BATF  issued  special  importation
>permits for 100,000 Chinese assault rifles and millions of rounds
>of ammunition.  The guns were unmodified and therefore illegal as
>per  Bill  Clinton's  own  assault weapons ban.  Then why did our
>government wave them in at a time when  there  was  no  legal  US
>market  for  such  weaponry?  Here's a clue: On February 6, 1996,
>just four days after those  permits  were  signed,  Bill  Clinton
>feted  Chinese arms dealer Wang Jun inside the White House.  Wang
>had been brought to the White House by  Clinton  funny-money  man
>Charlie  Trie,  whose  invitation  had been greased by investment
>banker Ernest Green's $50,000 contribution.
>    This incident was separate and distinct from the 4,000 AK47's
>that  Wang  Jun's  Polytechnologies  had  attempted to smuggle to
>Oakland street gangs using Chinese government  ships.   In  fact,
>within  a  month  of  Wang's  White  House  visit  that smuggling
>operation was busted; a development that scuttled the much larger
>100,000  gun  Polytechnologies  deal.   But the fact remains, not
>only did Mr. Clinton play host to a Communist princeling who  was
>then  running a massive US smuggling operation, he was apparently
>willing to grant Wang special dispensation from gun control  laws
>that Clinton himself fought hard to pass.
>    Curiously, the illegal Wang  Jun/Clinton  administration  gun
>deal  was reported only by Michael Hedges of Scripps Howard News.
>Hedges' story ran on  the  front  page  of  the  March  14,  1997
>Arkansas  Democrat  Gazette  -  above  the  fold.  But apparently
>neither The Washington Post nor The New York Times  noticed.   In
>fact,  this  development  went  unreported by every national news
>outlet in America.
>    Need more evidence that  Bill  Clinton  was  willing  to  put
>America  in  harm's way for the price of his own re-election? Try
>renowned New York Times columnist A. M. Rosenthal - who just last
>month  explored  "Clinton's  Nuclear Deception."  Rosenthal began
>  Craftily, ever so craftily, President  Clinton  is  deceiving
>  the   American  public  about  a  critical  danger  to  world
>  security:  China's  international  sales  of   materiel  and
>  technology  of nuclear warfare.....No previous President, and
>  not even Mr. Clinton himself until now, would take  the step
>  required  to  permit  Chinese  nuclear  shopping in America -
>  certifying that China was  not  illicitly  peddling  its  own
>  nuclear goods abroad.  The U.S. knew that was not true.
>    Rosenthal concludes:
>  President Clinton is crafty, but not crafty enough.   He  has
>  turned  China's  broken  pledges  into  a  guilt of his own -
>  deception about a matter of life and death,  many  lives  and
>  perhaps some hideous day, many deaths.
>    It's hard to  see  how  importation  permits  for  a  Chinese
>government  gun runner and nuclear technology for the Butchers of
>Beijing are in America's interest.   And  the  only  aspect  that
>explains  how  any  of  this is in Bill Clinton's interest is the
>Chinese campaign cash, raised by foreign agents like  John  Huang
>and Maria Hsia, that bought him his re-election.
>    No wonder the Chinese CIA is happy.  Somewhere, no doubt, the
>recently  deceased  Alger Hiss is smiling.  But for the rest, who
>may find all this less amusing, I  suggest  a  visit  to  Georgia
>Congressman  Bob  Barr's  website  ( http://www.house.gov/barr ),
>where support for Barr's resolution for  an  impeachment  inquiry
>can be registered via e-mail.
>  Published in the Nov. 17, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
>          Reposting permitted with this message intact

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