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Subject: SLS: no IGA for Tucson City Court! (fwd)

All criminal traffic matters and other
minor misdemeanor offenses are handled
by this bogus "City Court."  State law
requires that the Presiding Judge of 
the Arizona Superior Court renew the
intergovernmental agreement ("IGA")
between the County and City, authorizing
this City Court to exist in the first
instance, evey two years.  The most
recent IGA expired without any renewal,
and the City Court has been operating
without authorization ever since.  One
individual I know sat in, to witness
about $35,000 in fines imposed during
a period of less than 2 hours.  These
City Courts are scattered all over the
landscape in Tucson, Arizona.  Multiply
~$20,000/hour x 8 x number of courts,
and you have a real extortion racket
going here, even now as we speak!

To make matters worse, City Court 
routinely "arraigns" defendants without
any Counsel whatsoever, despite the 
fact that effective assistance of 
Counsel is a fundamental Right,
guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment.

So, the City of Tucson is now in the
position of being doubly liable, at Law,
for racketeering against a massive number
of Arizona Citizens, numbering at least
100,000 or more, depending on the exact
number of bogus arraignments which have
occurred in a demonstrably bogus court.

Does this answer your question?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>What is the significance of this document?

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