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Subject: SLS: A New Definition for Sectarian (fwd)

Dear Dana,

I am being victimized by a tragedy of
the commons.  Numerous Internet users
have the mistaken notion that I have
time to spend 15 minutes with everyone
who requests it, for free of course.  
Multiply that by 100 such requests 
every week, and what do you have?
Would you have me homeless, because
I cannot pay my rent?  That is exactly
what is happening.

Thank you for understanding.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

Dear Dana,

"The Federal  Zone," electronic Seventh Edition, is now
available from  us for $25 in cash or blank U.S. Postal
Money Order,  insured as  necessary,  to  the  shipping
location at the end of this message.

We are  getting inundated with requests like yours, and
we have  decided to  give priority  to clients  of  the
Supreme Law School.

For a  maximum of  $10 per  month (less for more months
prepaid), you  will have a chance to ask these kinds of
questions of  a much wider audience, one that is not so
overloaded with requests.  Please consider enrolling.

Briefly, here are the rates:

   $10 / 1 month
   $25 / 3 months
   $45 / 6 months
   $85 /12 months

with subscriber  credits for  bringing others  into the
School under  your sponsorship.   For more information,
check out  the registration  form at  the  Supreme  Law
website, at URL:


We now  defer answering the kinds of questions you have
asked, until people like yourself are willing to enroll
in the  Supreme  Law  School.    The  tuition  is  very
reasonable, and  the revenue  makes it  all  that  much
easier for us to spend lots of time with those who need
it.  Simply, if you cannot afford to invest ten dollars
in your education,  then  we can not afford to give you
the ten minutes it would take to answer your question.

Please  forgive   us  if   this  message   sounds  like
"boilerplate," because it is!  :)  We have no other way
to handle  the huge number of requests which we are now

I hope you will understand our predicament. The nominal
tuition separates  the serious,  from the free-loaders,
and it  surely weeds  out those people who just want to
be negative, no matter what we tell them.

Thanks for putting yourself in our shoes!

The American Indians had a great saying:

  "Don't criticize a man until you have
   walked a mile in his moccasins."

Many thanks in advance for your understanding, and your
consideration.  If you need free help  from us,  please
avail yourself of all the documents now loaded into the
Supreme Law Library at the URL just below my name here.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

                      #  #  #

At 08:59 PM 11/17/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Mr. Mitchell.
>I believe that private Christian schools will sacrifice all independence
>if the move to secure state/federal dollars (as is happening across the
>states as we speak) is successful.
>In the state of Washington plans are underway in the legislature to
>attempt to do away with the 'wall of separation.'
>Are you able to answer a few questions in this matter, or to refer me to
>someone who would be willing?
>Thank you.
>Dana Hoard

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