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>Debt Counselors of America.
>  Individuals and families experiencing financial problems can gain help
>from this nonprofit organization's Web site.  Help, much of it free, can
>be obtained over the telephone or via E-mail.
>	http://dca.org
>How to stop paying Federal Income Tax - Legally:
>	http://www.iac.net/~solution/notax
>Social Security Online:
>   This is the site to visit if you nave questions regarding retirement,
>survivors benefits, disabilities, and SSI.  You also can keep up on the
>latest events regarding Social Security in our legislatures.  Along with
>viewing online full-text versions of Social Security Information, you
>also may order your personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Sttement.
>	http://www.ssa.gov/ssa_home.html
>Homeschooling Zone:
>   Families who educate their children at home, or who are interested in
>doing so, will find a wealth of information here.  In addition to links
>to curricula suppliers, this site offers educational resources, pen pals
>for kids, recipes, crafts and ideas for moms and preschoolers.
>	http://www.caro.net/~joespa
>Congressional Record Text:
>   Search the full text of the Congressional Record for the 104th
>Congress. You also can browse Congressional Record issues by date and
>part or search through an alphabetical index of the publication by topic
>with hyperlinks to page citations and bill references.
>	http://wwwthomas.loc.gov/home/r104query.html
>U.S. Constitution:
>    O say, you can now see on you PC.  At this site you can read the most
>important document in U.S. history in full, or select a specific article
>or amendment.
>	http://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/constitution.table.html

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