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>Shouldn't we all be trying to get our legislatures to do what 
>Wisconsin is doing???? I've already contacted one of my 
>representatives about this.  
>And you...?
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>TESTIMONY, Archibald E Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director, 
>Committee to Restore the Constitution
>RE: Wisconsin Assembly Joint Resolution 67, " Memorializing
>Members of Congress to cease certain activities concerning the
>United Nations.."
>(Extended and modified for clarity) Public hearing, directed by
>State-Federal Relations Committee, Representative Gregg A
>Underheim, Chairman, 29 October 1997, State Capitol, Madison.
>Chairman Underheim and members of the State-Federal Relations
>Committee, I am Archibald Roberts, Director of the Committee to
>Restore the Constitution, Fort Collins, Colorado.
>I am here at the invitation of Mrs. Virginia Meves, publisher of
>Wisconsin Report.
>I am here also on behalf of other Wisconsin citizens, some of
>whom are here today, who seek appropriate action by this
>Committee and by the State of Wisconsin, legislative action to
>expose and neutralize the men and the system engaged in a
>conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and
>erect a United Nations new world order on ruins of the Republic.
>Mr. Chairman and members, I testify in support of Assembly Joint
>Resolution 67.
>First, the citizens of Wisconsin want this Committee, and the
>State Legislature, to approve Assembly Joint Resolution 67, which
>states in part, "memorializing members of Congress to cease
>certain activities concerning the United Nations and directing
>Mr. Chairman, you are the sponsor of this resolution, with other
>co-sponsors in House and Senate, Wisconsin State Legislature.
>For purpose of record I include a portion of Assembly Joint
>Resolution 67, which states as follows, and I quote: "Resolved
>that the Assembly, the Senate concurring, that the legislature of
>the State of Wisconsin memorialize the US Congress to cease
>appropriating US funds for any military activity that Congress
>has not authorized. To cease engaging in military activity under
>the authority of the United Nations or any world body. To cease
>giving aid to any activity under the jurisdiction of the United
>Nations and to cease supporting the establishment of a new world
>order or any form of global government, and to refrain from
>taking any further steps toward the economic political merger of
>the United States into a world body or any form of world
>It is important that the political reality of the United Nations
>new world order be realized. That is the purpose of this hearing,
>Mr. Chairman. We appreciate the opportunity to bring the facts
>about the United Nations before the legislators of the State of
>The authority for this meeting is two-fold. First, the people
>from whom flow all political power. The citizens of the State of
>Wisconsin have the responsibility to instruct their elected
>officials in the State of Wisconsin to direct their agents in
>Washington to confine the functions of government to limitations
>defined in the Constitution.
>Secondly, the State. The original 13 States, Mr. Chairman and
>members, created the federal government by the first three
>articles of the Constitution establishing the Executive,
>Legislative and Judicial Departments. Therefore, the States are
>the Principals under this contract and are not subservient to
>agencies or agents in Washington. Every succeeding State entered
>the Union of States on an equal footing with every other State.
>It is incumbent upon the State of Wisconsin, as a Principal under
>the constitutional contract to correct violations of that
>contract and to do it in a manner compatible with the authority
>of the Constitution. It is a further request of the citizens of
>the State of Wisconsin, that the Federal-State Legislative
>Committee amend Assembly Joint Resolution  67 to add instructions
>to Attorney General James Doyle that he file in the Supreme Court
>of the United States a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment
>Injunctive and Other Equitable Relief against Mr. Kofi Annan,
>Secretary General, United Nations Organization.
>Authority for State filing in the Supreme Court is found under
>"original jurisdiction." Original jurisdiction is defined in
>Article III, Section 2, Constitution of the United States.
>I quote the law as it appears in the Constitution. Article III,
>Section 2, states:
>       "In all cases affecting ambassadors and other public
>       ministers and
>        counsels and those in which a state shall be a party, the
>        Supreme
>        Court shall have original jurisdiction."
>Original jurisdiction. Mr. Chairman, and members of this
>Committee, you have the authority and responsibility to initiate
>corrective action by bringing into court, the Supreme Court of
>the United States, the Director of the United Nations
>The procedure, that is the method by which this is and can be
>done, is outlined in detail in a 30 page brief prepared by Judge
>J.J. Boesel, ret, in which it is specifically pointed out that
>Articles 36 and 43 of the UN Charter are unconstitutional,
>because they amend the Constitution without consent of 3/4ths of
>the States in violation of the prohibitions of Article V,
>Constitution of the United States. Laws passed under authority of
>the UN Treaty are unconstitutional for the same reason. I refer
>you to Reid v. Covert, 354 USI 1957:
>"It would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who
>created the Constitution; let alone alien to our entire
>constitutional history and tradition to construe Article VI (the
>Supremacy Clause) as permitting the United States to exercise
>power under an international agreement without observing
>constitutional prohibitions. In effect, such construction would
>permit amendment of that document in a manner not sanctioned by
>Article V."
>This legal brief, 30 pages, is available on a floppy disk for
>ease of adaptation by the Attorney General, State of Wisconsin.
>It is important to provide evidence, documentary evidence, in
>presenting these serious charges. The first I bring to your
>attention is the fact that the Senate of the United States has
>declared that the "Charter of the United Nations has become the
>supreme law of the land." (Senate Document 87, "Review of the
>United Nations Charter," p. 289.) Members of the Senate of the
>United States have violated their oath of office to defend and
>preserve the Constitution of the United States.
>Senate Document 87 further states, "the position of this
>country," that is the United States, "in the family of nations
>forbids trafficking in innocuous generalities but demands that
>every State in the Union," including Wisconsin, "accept and act
>upon the Charter according to its plain language and unmistakable
>purpose and direction."
>Mr. Chairman and members, this is treason. We are dealing with
>violations of the Constitution on a grand scale to change this
>Republic into a world government body. As a matter of fact, we
>have evidence to show the involvement of the highest ranking
>members of Congress and the Administration in this conspiracy.
>One of these exhibits is Senate Joint Resolution 65, 16 March
>1993, "Establishing a commission to study the establishment of an
>international military force under the United Nations Charter."
>This is a document, this is not an opinion, this is a document.
>Being a document it is important that it be taken seriously.
>Senate Joint Resolution 65 states in part: "Whereas under Article
>43 of the United Nations Charter, the Secretary General is
>authorized to negotiate agreements for the creation of a
>multinational standing military force, to be used for
>peacekeeping and peace enforcement . There is established the
>`Commission on United States Participation in a Permanent United
>Nations Peacekeeping Force.'"
>I further point out Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee,
>Presidential Decision Directive 25. Presidential Decision
>Directive 25, dated 3 May 1994, is classified. Not even Members
>of Congress have a complete copy of this Presidential
>Declaration. I have a State Department Summary as published in
>one of our bulletins. This document reveals transfer of command
>and control of US forces to the Security Council, United Nations.
>Presidential Decision Directive 25, Article V, states, and I
>quote: "Our policy will be on a case by case basis, the President
>will consider placing appropriate US forces under the operational
>control of a competent UN commander for specific UN operations
>authorized by the UN Treaty."
>As you see, the alleged authority for treasonous Senate Joint
>Resolution 65, and Presidential Decision Directive 25, is the
>United Nations Treaty. Gentlemen, I have here a copy of the
>United Nations Treaty and quote specific UN articles affecting
>transfer of US military forces to United Nations Security Council
>Article 25, "The Members of the United Nations agree to accept
>and carry out decisions of the Security Council in accordance
>with the present Charter."
>Article 26, "In order to promote the establishment and
>maintenance of international peace and security with the least
>diversion for armaments of the world's human and economic
>resources, the Security Council shall be responsible for
>formulating, with the assistance of the Military Staff Committee
>referred to in Article 47, plans to be submitted to the Members
>of the United nations for the establishment of a system for the
>regulation of armaments."
>Article 43, "All Members of the United Nations, in order to
>contribute to the maintenance of international peace and
>security, undertake to make available to the Security Council, on
>its call and in accordance with a special agreement or
>agreements, armed forces, assistant, and facilities, including
>rights of passage, necessary for the purpose of maintaining
>international peace and security."
>Mr. Chairman, the prosecution has revealed that the United
>Nations Charter is, in reality, a Constitution for a "new world
>The prosecution has shown that the United Nations objective is to
>exploit the United States military to force all nations into line
>and deliver them up to a world government.
>The prosecution has demonstrated that federal agents have
>contrived to establish a "world government administration" in
>In consonance with evidence of gross violation of the oath of
>office, "To Defend and Preserve the Constitution of the United
>States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," by elected
>officials, citizens of Wisconsin request that this State-Federal
>Relations Committee initiate the following corrective actions:
>1. Amend Assembly Joint Resolution 67, adding instructions to
>Attorney General James Doyle that he file in the Supreme Court of
>the United States, "A Complaint for Declaratory Judgment,
>Injunctive and Other Equitable Relief," against Mr. Kofi Annan,
>Secretary General, United Nations Organization, under authority
>of "original jurisdiction," Article III, Section 2, Constitution
>of the United States. Instrument for State Legislative action is
>a 30 page legal brief prepared by Judge J.J. Boesel, ret.
>2. Present amended Assembly Joint Resolution 67 to Senate and
>House, Wisconsin State Legislature, for approval and appropriate
>action. Chairman Underheim and members of the Committee, your
>constituents ask you to protect their families and property
>against a predatory "world government administration" in
>Citizens of Wisconsin request that you begin the process of
>terminating United Nations operations in the United States and
>recover billions of tax-dollars illegally granted to the United
>Nations by Congress in violations of their oath to " protect and
>preserve the Constitution."
>Archibald E Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director COMMITTEE TO
>RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION, Inc Post Office Box 986  Fort Collins,
>Colorado  80522 -------------------------------- Return-Path:
>Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 07:43:39 -0700

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