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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: SAFAN NO. 880. Terry Cook is an FBI and IRS Informant

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>Subject: SAFAN NO. 880.  Terry Cook is an FBI and IRS Informant
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>       \   0  /          SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 880, Nov. 20, 1997
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>by Texe Marrs (LivingTr@io.com)
>Dear Dot:
>Received your e-mail about Terry Cook and Jack McLamb speaking at Meridian,
>Mississippi on January 10, 1998.
>Regrettably, most Christian patriots are unaware that Terry Cook is 
>an FBI and IRS informant. 
>I have irrefutable documentation that Cook has already turned in two 
>Christian ministry groups to the IRS and FBI. Indeed, Cook has admitted 
>this in federal court, on October 9, 1997, in Indianapolis.
>In the documents I have - with his signature affixed - Terry Cook informs 
>the IRS that one of these Christian patriot groups is, as Cook describes it, 
>"right-wing, extremist, anti-government, and paranoid." 
>In his letter, Cook  cozies up to and endorses the IRS. He asks the agency 
>to investigate and strip the Christian ministry of its 501c(3) tax exempt 
>status because of its allegedly "outrageous anti-government" stance. 
>Cook also complains to the IRS that the Christian ministry is "exposing 
>government officials."
>Meanwhile, Terry Cook is, suing a pastor and Christian ministry in Indiana 
>and threatening two others with lawsuits.  He claims they have infringed 
>his copyrights. He's also hired private detectives to try and dig up dirt.
>Reportedly, Cook told the pastor, "I'm going to sue your ass off and take 
>your church."
>Apparently, the good people who attend the Preparedness Expos where 
>Cook is regularly one of the speakers are totally unaware of his  "freelance 
>activity" in support of Big Brother's IRS and FBI. They are also unaware 
>of his lawsuit and threats against patriot groups.
>I am sure, too, that the people who invited Terry Cook to speak in 
>Meridian know nothing of Cook's secret betrayal of patriots.  However, 
>Jack McLamb DOES know of Terry Cook's being an FBI and IRS 
>informant.  Why he would agree to be with Cook in Meridian is strange, 
>to say the least. As I understand it from a patriot who recently quizzed 
>him, Jack McLamb is concerned about Cook, but tries to explain away 
>Cook's turning in patriots and feeding massive amounts of info to the 
>IRS and FBI as just Terry's way of handling disputes.
>I believe McLamb to be a good person and appreciate many of the things 
>he has done, but I am deeply troubled by his readiness to cover for and 
>defend a man who is promoting the New World Order by defaming good 
>patriots, a man who is feeding lies and junk info to the IRS and FBI, and 
>possibly other federal agencies.
>I feel very sad to report this because it was my ministry that first gave 
>Terry Cook his start. We sold thousands of his videos. But that was before 
>we discovered he was harrassing and suing the pastor and ministry in 
>Indiana. Since then, we found out about his other activities. 
>Now we pray for him and his victims. We do not want other Christian 
>patriots to be taken in by this man.
>God bless you, Dot, for your highly effective and inspiring campaign to 
>All God's Best,
>Texe Marrs

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