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Subject: SLS: The People v. The United States Government (fwd)

Please see People v. United States et al.
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>Subject:       SAFAN NO. 875.  The People vs. The United States Government
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>> From: SafanNews@aol.com
>> Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 19:19:11 -0500 (EST)
>> To: SafanNews@aol.com
>> Subject: SAFAN NO. 875.  The People vs. The United States Government
>> SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 875, Nov. 17, 1997
>> http://www.advantagepublishing.com/lawsuit/index.html
>> Help Fight for Liberty.  Will you join us?  Call 1-916-365-0158
>> This is a lawsuit to restore the Constitution.  It is a historic lawsuit in 
>> which every American can personally participate and reap the rewards 
>> of personal freedom.  It will assist in returning their Social Security 
>> taxes that were fraudently misrepresented and collected from unsus-
>> pecting Americans.  This lawsuit will also prevent the IRS from any 
>> further illegal confiscation activities.
>>     1.   This lawsuit will prove that the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE was
>>          never created by an act of Congress; that the income tax it collects
>>          is illegal confiscation; that it uses illegal methods of collection; that
>>          the money it collects does not go where it is lawfully directed; that
>>          the People of America have been defrauded into believing this
>>          taxation vehicle funds the functions of government.
>>     2.   This lawsuit will prove that SOCIAL SECURITY is voluntary and not
>>          mandatory; that the United States Government owes a refund to all
>>          who havre paid in at a rate equal to that of a private retirement 
>>          fund; that congress has tricked the citizens of the fifty states by
>>          leading them to believe that there is a Social Security account 
>>          somewhere collecting money for their retirement.  It will also 
>>          prove that there is no Social Security account, and even worse, 
>>          that there are no funds available.   If you or I were to do what they
>>          have done, we would be spending life in prison!
>>     3.   This lawsuit will prove that self defense is a natural right; that 
>>          owning a gun is essential to self-defense and is protected by the
>>          SECOND AMENDMENT of the United States Constitution; it is not a
>>          government privilege; that private Citizens of the fifty states have
>>          a right to bear arms without any pre-qualifications.
>>     4.   This lawsuit will prove that NAFTA and GATT violate the Constitution
>>          of the United States and has cost Americans millions of jobs, but
>>          more importantly their Sovereignty.  Not to mention over 40 billion
>>          in trade deficits with Canada and Mexico!
>>     5.   This lawsuit will prove that THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL (upon our 
>>          freeways without any government permission whatsoever) is a 
>>          fundamental right supported by case law and the Constitution.
>>          Your drivers license and registration has been turned into a 
>>          tracking system and revenue creator for the government.
>>     6.   This lawsuit will prove that the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF
>>          EDUCATION, which is in violation of Article 1, Section 8, has 
>>          produced a massive educational failure; that the program known
>>          as Outcome Based Education/Goals is not only destructive in 
>>          theory and concept, but is an exact duplicate of programs im-
>>          plemented in communist countries; that parents who are exer-
>>          cising their right to home-school are being unlawfully harassed 
>>          by federal agents who falsely claim their only concern is "the
>>          children's welfare".
>>     7.   This lawsuit will prove that the Constitution does not allow a 
>>          private organization such as THE FEDERAL RESERVE to regulate
>>          our monetary system and or lower interest rates.  Henry Ford Sr.
>>          said, "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand 
>>          our banking and monetary system, for if they did I believe there 
>>          would be revolution before tomorrow morning."
>>     8.   This lawsuit will prove that government has passed many uncon-
>>          stitutional laws, via unlawfully created cabinets, which has put
>>          thousands of citizens in prison, stolen their homes, businesses 
>>          and money.  The majority of the judiciary are a part of the 
>>          problem by not stopping the travesty when it goes to court.
>>     9.   This lawsuit will be filed early next year after the American 
>>          people have had an opportunity to hear the story and decide if 
>>          they want to be a part of this historic event.  Join now and help 
>>          end the fraud and take our country back from the current 
>>          government and restore the full power of the Constitution with 
>>          limited and honest government.         
>> Rich Bellon is Founder and Director of Legal Research Institute and has
>> become a recognized authority on constitutional law.  He has dedicated
>> over 7 years of his life to researching and studying the law to prevent
>> others from having to endure the enormous battle that he fought and 
>> ultimately won, when challenged with confronting government fraud.
>> Mr. Bellon continues to meet with lawyers and legal counsels challenging 
>> them to bring forward any lawful statute to prove his findings wrong, but
>> has discovered that when such a meeting comes down to actually opening
>> law books, the meeting ends.  Sadly, Mr. Bellon reports that most lawyers
>> are well versed in court procedures and salesmanship, but are wholly
>> deficient when it comes to factual standing on statutory law.
>> Mr. Bellon has authored several legal research books.  He grew tired of
>> fighting each battle one person at a time and decided that this suit 
>> would win for everyone.  He has powerful backers all across the country
>> that now believe the time is right.
>> DEVVY KIDD has run for Congress twice, been a guest on more than 620
>> talk radio shows, and has written Why a Bankrupt America?, selling 1.125
>> million copies.  Her newest booklet, Blind Loyalty, has sold 80,000 copies 
>> since coming out in print less than a year ago!  She has witnessed a lot 
>> along the way and it is her belief that perhaps the time has come for the
>> people to take a Stand for Liberty once and for all!
>> JOIN TODAY by calling (916) 365-0158 and, for a minimum donation 
>> of $100, become a co-plaintiff.  Receive free by return mail:  one-year 
>> subscription to our quarterly newsletter with updates of information 
>> brought to light in the discovery process and when available, a copy of
>> the final judgment.

[Rebuttal added at request of Bruce Hedrick, Feb. 22, 2008]

from:    bruceH 
to:      supremelawfirm@gmail.com,
date:    Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 4:44 AM
subject: Final Request

Mr. Mitchell,

Rich Bellon is truly a fake and a fraud, relying on stolen materials 
to build himself up so he can continue sucking in more and more victims.
He has flat out lies on your website at < http://www.supremelaw.org/sls/email/box049/msg04912.htm >, 

> Rich Bellon is Founder and Director of Legal Research Institute and has
> become a recognized authority on constitutional law.  He has dedicated
> over 7 years of his life to researching and studying the law to prevent
> others from having to endure the enormous battle that he fought and 
> ultimately won, when challenged with confronting government fraud.

His recognition was built on materials he stole from my computer and 
he did not win any court proceeding against the IRS.  

He lost his house to unpaid taxes and went to federal prison 
for beating up on an elderly female process server.

You can read my latest, and most in depth story about Rich at my blogspot: 
< www.sovereignslave.blogspot.com > which I wrote because 
Rich is stepping up his ability to reach out to more and more 
unsuspecting clients who will only suffer at his hands.  

I see you allowed him to post a well thought out response (written by someone other than Rich) 
at < http://www.supremelaw.org/sls/email/box049/msg04912.htm >.  

All I ask is that you allow me (or do it yourself) to post my web site address 
at the end of his April 2007 posting. 

That way anyone who is researching the character of Rich will have the chance 
to see the whole story and choose what to believe.  

I also encourage you to check out my latest posting about Rich; posted on the 20th of this month.

I'm not doing this to spite him or out of anger, but because there are real, live people 
who are suffering because of his misleading rhetoric and because he simply sucks people dry 
with his continual request for more so-called donations.  

He is not a lawyer, not even a paralegal.  

Further, based on what I knew of his academic ability, he is well below an average high school grad 
in his use and comprehension of the English language; he has some people around him, 
sucked into his web of deceit, who do all they can to continue making him look good at a distance.

I want to stop him before he drains another unsuspecting victim's bank account.

I would appreciate a timely response.                 

thx- Bruce Hedrick


*******Rights come and go either
by hook or by crook, but mostly
by the crooked hook.         BAH

[end of rebuttal by Bruce Hedrick]

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