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>Notes of Dallas police chief released 34 years after assassination
> 6.19 p.m. EST (2319 GMT) November 20, 1997
> By Melissa B. Robinson, Associated Press
> WASHINGTON (AP)  "Says nothing against Pres. ... denies
> shooting Pres.'' 
> The handwritten notes of the Dallas police homicide chief who
> questioned Lee Harvey Oswald were released Thursday, two days
> before the 34th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination. 
> The notes, which the late police Capt. J.W. "Will'' Fritz indicated he
> made several days after the interrogation, supported key points
> made by Fritz during his testimony before the Warren Commission
> in 1964. 
> Fritz, who died in 1984, told the commission that Oswald, under
> interrogation, denied assassinating Kennedy, denied owning a rifle
> and contended a famous photograph of him holding a rifle in his
> Dallas back yard was a forgery. 
> Likewise, Fritz wrote in his notes that Oswald "denies owning rifle
> in garage or elsewhere. ... Says I made picture super imposed.'' 
> Fritz was Oswald's primary interrogator while he was in police
> custody from the afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963, when the president
> was assassinated, until the morning of Nov. 24, 1963, when Oswald
> was killed by Jack Ruby. 
> The notes, released by the Assassination Records Review Board,
> are only the second set of original, handwritten notes from the
> interrogation that have surfaced in 34 years. Earlier this year, the
> board released notes made by former FBI agent James P. Hosty Jr.,
> who also questioned Oswald. 
> The notes are valuable because Oswald's interrogation was not
> taped and no stenographer was present, said Tom Samoluk, the
> board's deputy director. Fritz told the commission he had requested
> a tape recorder for police use but had not received it by the time of
> the assassination. 
> "After more than 30 years ... we've got the primary player, the law
> enforcement official in charge of interrogating Oswald,'' Samoluk
> said. 
> The notes, scrawled on five sheets of paper, are filled with
> abbreviations and snippets of Oswald's responses to police
> questions. 
> In addition to denying that he carried out the assassination or owned
> a rifle, Oswald appeared to contradict himself by telling police he
> had no political beliefs but supported Fidel Castro's communist
> revolution in Cuba. 
> The notes stated: "says lived Russia 3 yrs. ... claims no political
> belief ... says supports Castro Rev. ... speaks Russian ... denies
> belonging to Com party.'' Oswald, who espoused a pro-communist
> philosophy, defected to Russia in 1959. 
> Oswald also misrepresented his military record, the notes showed. 
> The notes say: "school in Ft W. - to Marines says got usual
> medals.'' In fact, Oswald was court-martialed twice by the Marine
> Corps, which changed his honorable discharge to an "undesirable''
> discharge after his defection. 
> The notes were discovered among some of Fritz's belongings,
> which were donated to the board. Samoluk said the donor wished
> to remain anonymous. 
> The notes will be included in a public record of Kennedy
> assassination materials compiled at the National Archives in College
> Park, Md. 

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