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Subject: SLS: Panhandling for SSI (fwd0

>CNN (11/20/97):
>   In the year 2014[?], Social 
>   Security will start paying 
>   out more than it takes in. 
>Rather than saying SSI will be on a endless 
>slide into bankruptcy, CNN's wording serves 
>not to signal SSI doom but serves as a sol-
>icitation for more funding. Then they inter-
>viewed half-a-dozen people singing praises 
>of SSI... an institution of human dignity.
>I guess bankruptcy is the path to glory.
>There is a universal one-to-one correlation 
>with what the federal gov't wants and what 
>CNN et al dish out to the American people. 
>Why bother nationalizing the mass media?
>Serfs were in debt-slavery. As the cost of
>gov't "benefits" begin to exceed the ability
>of The People to pay for them, the people 
>will become serfs... by definition. This
>is the path that's being prepared.
>Our only hope is that technological advance 
>and access can outpace the growth of gov't
>with its ever-growing "collective debt."

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