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Subject: SLS: BATF Tyranny In Arizona (fwd)

>BATF Tyranny In Arizona
>New River is a small, non-incorporated community 30 miles north 
>of Phoenix, Arizona. On September 10, 1997, the BATF raided the 
>property of Charles Byers, a former munitions manufacturer.  
>On the property they found a shed containing chemicals that the
>BATF claims are highly unstable and shock sensitive. A list of the
>chemicals obtained via court records shows that most of the
>chemicals are used in the production of fireworks. The shed has
>been described by some as "a glorified high school chem lab." 
>Our community, as well as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,
>are under an all out assault. The BATF has invaded New River and
>plans to create an environmental hazard against our wishes and
>without legal permits.  
>On September 23, 1997, the BATF blew up two bunkers full of
>explosives. The community was not notified. The resulting shock
>wave rattled houses as far as four miles away. Kids at New River
>Elementary school were bounced out of their chairs and scared
>half out of their wits.
>The materials in the shed did not ignite.
>The BATF brought in heavy equipment to build a berm around 
>the shed, then constructed a concrete wall on top of it.  
>The BATF claims that the heavy equipment did not set off the 
>chemicals in the shed because they used equipment with "rubber tires."
>The BATF decided the only way to solve the problems of the 
>unstable chemicals is to burn the shed using Thermite as 
>an accelerant to incinerate the shed and its contents at 
>temperatures between 3000 and 5000 degrees.
>This would completely destroy any organic compounds that 
>might exist. The inorganic compounds would not be destroyed, 
>but would instead, vaporize and form possible new and deadly 
>airborne combinations.
>The EPA approved the BATF's plan, a federal judge issued 
>an evacuation order, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 
>went along. The burn was set for October 18, 1997.  The 
>sheriff, a thirty year veteran of the DEA, sent his posse 
>to notify residents that they were to evacuate their property,
>including all domestic animals and birds.  Since this is 
>a rural area, most people have more than just a cat or dog. 
>Folks here raise horses, pigs, chickens and exotic birds and 
>animals.  Many raise more than one species and have multiple head.
>At a community meeting with the BATF, EPA and Sheriff 
>Arpaio, residents asked questions of the assembled panel.  
>The panel could not or would not respond to residents inquires:  
>"What exactly was in the shed and in what quantities?  
>What effect would burning the chemicals have on our soil, 
>air and ground water, both short and long term?  Where 
>were residents to take their animals?  Who was going to 
>pay for any damages sustained to properties (Brush fire 
>hazard is very high this time of the year)?" It was 
>evident that the effects of the burn had not been determined.  
>The EPA representative said numerous times, "We will 
>monitor before and after."
>Sheriff Arpaio threatened to forcibly remove anyone who 
>refused to leave their property.  He could not understand 
>why residents did not want - or appreciate - his "protection".  
>He stated that it is within his power and responsibilities 
>to protect us from ourselves.
>So many people refused to evacuate that the October 18 
>burn was postponed until November 1, 1997.  Three hundred 
>fifty homes were to be evacuated, for 12 to 24 hours, within 
>a three mile radius of Byers' property.  The evacuation 
>maps provided to us, prepared by the BATF, were completely
>wrong. They have been redrawn - with the radius now only 
>extending 1.5 miles so as not to inconvenience the people 
>in the Manufacturer's Outlet Mall nearly three miles from 
>the proposed burn site. When asked, "If these chemicals are 
>so sensitive, why did the BATF set off explosions near the 
>shed?", they said it was a mistake.  
>We have not accepted that the Federal, or even local, 
>government can force us to leave our homes, proceed with 
>reckless behavior with detrimental effects on our land, lives 
>and livelihoods, and not be accountable. The BATF and Sheriff 
>Arpaio have tried to make us feel like we are over-reacting and 
>just need to get with the program.  Sheriff Arpaio did not stop 
>his threats of forcible removal until he was contacted by 
>the community's attorney.
>On  October 25,1997, New River residents held a peaceful 
>demonstration at the site of the proposed burn.  We walked 
>two miles up and down steep hills and stood before the BATF 
>with American flags.  We wanted to remind the BATF that 
>this is still America and that we have the right to live
>peacefully on our property. Our government cannot, on a 
>whim, destroy what we have worked so hard to build.
>Certain sections of our government are testing America's 
>resolve. They are looking to see where we draw the line. In 
>New River, we have drawn that line in the dirt we hold sacred.  
>We will not allow the burn and will not leave our homes. 
>A talk show host in Phoenix called what's happening here 
>"The New River Rebellion."  We do not want New River added to 
>the list of American tragedies that includes Ruby Ridge and Waco.  
>Call your own congressman or senator.  Let them know that you 
>know about New River.  If we let it happen here, where will it stop?
>Contact the following people/locations for comments or 
>more information: Karmann Powell - byteme@msn.com
>The Desert Advocate, Karen Seemeyer, Editor - thedesadv@aol.com 
>The Arizona Republic - being covered by Timothy Tait timothy.tait@pni.com

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