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>Terry Cook admitted in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis on October 9,
>1997 to federal Judge V. Susan Shields that he has been acting voluntarily
>as an informant feeding information to both the Internal Revenue Service
>(IRS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on at least two
>Christian Patriot orgnizations.
>Terry Cook also admitted to the court that he hired private detectives and
>an attorney to investigate and acquire information about the leaders of
>Christian Patriot organizations which Cook then passed on to the IRS.
>We are in possession of letters written to the IRS and FBI by Terry Cook and
>his attorney in which Cook turns in the leader of a Christian Patriot
>organization as an "anti-government" protester...
>In his letter to the IRS Cook asks the feds to investigate and audit the
>Christian Patriot organization and its leaders because of what he claims
>is their "cult-like, right-wing extremist dogma." Cook alleges to the IRS
>FBI that the writings of this Patriotic group are "paranoid, radical,
>Cook also warns the IRS that the group's leadership has made "libelous,
>defamatory, anti-government, right-wing remarks about the IRS and many
>other government organizations."
>Terry Cook contends in his letter to the IRS that these "anti-government"
>activities are "outrageous and inconsistent with tax-exempt purposes." He
>encourages the IRS to promptly investigate and if possible revoke the tax
>exempt status of this Christian Patriot group.
>Most incredulous, Terry Cook's attoney, Craig Capehart, writing the IRS on
>Cook's behalf, requests that the IRS pay his client a "reward" for being an
>"In the event that... the IRS collects any payments, fines, penalties, or
>the like as a result of Mr. Cook having provided any information, then Mr.
>Cook hereby claims any reward, informant's fee, or the like that is or may
>be authorized by 26 USC 7623 or other statute, regulation, or rule."
>Call Texe Marrs at (512) 263-9780  Fax (512) 263-9793 and ask for copies
>of all documentation that Terry Cook is an informant for the FBI and/or the
>IRS.  Texe Marrs will mail or fax you copies of all pertinent letters and
>documentation which proves beyond any shadow of any doubt that Terry
>Cook is an infiltrator, agent provocateur, and informant for the IRS and


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