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Subject: SLS: OMB Number (fwd)

> CFR 26 Part 600 to END 
> 602.101 OMB Control Numbers
>  (a) Purpose. This part collects and display the control numbers
>assigned to collections of information in Internal Revenue
>Service regulations by the Office of Managemnet and Budget (OMB)
>under the Paperwork Reduction Act Of 1980...
>   (b) Cross-reference.  For display of control numbers assigned
>   by the
>Office of Management and Budget to Internal Revenue Service
>collections Of information in the  Statement of Procedural Rules
>(26 CFR Part 601), See 26 CFR 601.9000.
>In order to understand the IRC which encompasses far more than
>just "income" taxes , one must first understand the subdivision
>of the IRC. The IRC is divided into ten subtitles, the first five
>of which (subtitles A through E) each impose different categories
>of taxation, while the last five pertain to procedure,
>administration, definitions, etc. Subtitle A is the income tax,
>Subtitle B covers estate and gift taxes, Subtitle C is the wage
>(employment) tax, Subtitle D covers miscellaneous excise taxes,
>and  Subtitle E covers alcohol, tobacco, and "certain other
>excise taxes". Each subtitle is totally distinct and separate
>with regards to the tax it imposes (the exception being Subtitle
>C, as explained below) and the enforcing provisions within one
>subtitle do not apply to any other. In order to become the
>legally defined "taxpayer" (defined in subtitle F under code
>section 7701(a)(14)) and required to pay a particular class of
>tax, a liability for the tax must arise from written statute
>within that subtitle. The tax on income under Subtitle A is an
>"indirect" tax in the form of an "excise" imposed on certain
>privileges or occupations and defined by the U.S. Supreme Court
>as gain separated from capital. The tax on wages under Subtitle C
>(for the purpose of building credits  towards entitlement
>programs such as Social Security) is commonly reported by
>employers on forms W-2 and 1099. Subtitle A, income tax, is in no
>way whatsoever related to or connected to Subtitle C, wage
>(employment/social security) tax. The only statute in all of
>Subtitle A making anyone liable for the "income" tax is code
>section 1461 which applies to withholding agents. Code section
>7701(a) defines the "withholding agent" as one who is required to
>withhold income taxes from nonresident aliens under code section
>1441, from foreign corporations under IRC 1442 , and from certain
>foreign tax-exempt organizations under IRC 1443. 
>The income tax under Subtitle A  is on foreign activities only,
>which is Why it is absolutely correct to state that, unless
>withholding from foreigners or living and working in a foreign
>country under a current tax treaty with the U.S., no citizen or
>resident alien who has lived and worked exclusively within the
>fifty states of the Union has ever paid a penny in income taxes.
>They've paid employment taxes, although swearing them to be
>"income" to themselves on the affidavit known as Form 1040. 
>With regard to the filing of returns, the only filing requirement
>for an individual under Subtitle A "income" tax is found in code
>section 6012(a). Under section 6012(a) and its underlying
>regulations, "taxable income" is limited to certain income that
>has been "earned" while living and working in certain  foreign
>countries or territories. As proof of the above, under the 1980
>Paperwork Reduction Act, the Office of Management and Budget
>(OMB) must assign an OMB approval number to any agency return
>that requests and collects information from a U.S. citizen.
>According to OMB approval control number 1545-0067 assigned to
>Treasury regulations 1.1-1 "Tax imposed" and 1.6012-0 "Person
>required to make returns of 1.1-2 income" under 26 CFR part 600
>to end, the required return for a U.S. 1.1-3 citizen to report
>income is not Form 1040, but Form 2555 "Foreign 1.1-4 Earned
>Income."  The 1040 return for the "U.S. Individual" is merely a
>supplemental worksheet for the required Form 2555. The top of
>Form 2555 instructs "attach to front of Form 1040" and "for use
>by U.S. citizens". Treasury Decision 2313 (TD 2313), issued in
>1916 to "collectors of internal revenue" pursuant to the U.S.
>Supreme Court under the Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. decision,
>clarifies that the Form 1040 individual income tax return is to
>be used only by the fiduciary of a nonresident alien and
>receiving interest and/or dividends from the stock of domestic
>(US) corporations on behalf of that alien. 
>For the above reasons, the income tax under Subtitle A is not
>"voluntary" As some have asserted. It is mandatory, but only for
>those to whom it applies as explained above. Since the law is
>limited in its application, the question of whether it is
>mandatory or voluntary is superfluous. The question is: to whom,
>and under what circumstances is the law applied? With regard to
>the wage tax under Subtitle C, certain legal requirements may be
>considered mandatory, but only for the payor of the wages (the
>"employer") and even then, only if both the "employer" and the
>"covered employee" have voluntarily agreed (via voluntary
>application on Form W-4) to participate in the  entitlement
>programs. Since there is no legal requirement to have a social
>security number (SSN) in order to live and work in the U.S. (or
>simply for the sake of having one); no legal requirement to enter
>a SSN on Form W-4, sign or submit it, and; no legal requirement
>for an employer to obtain an employer identification number (EIN)
>in order to hire workers, neither party - "employee" or
>"employer" - can be compelled to participate in the entitlement
>programs, hence compliance under Subtitle C is correctly said to
>be voluntary.
> IRS Publication 515 and Treasury regulation 1.1441-5 explain the
> proper
>Use of the Statement of Citizenship (SOC), a copy of which is
>sent by the employer (who retains the original) to the IRS in
>Philadelphia only which makes sense since Philadelphia is the IRS
>international tax office.  The SOC authorizes (and indemnifies)
>the employer to stop withholding income Taxes from the worker who
>chooses not to have his or her taxes withheld. Call the IRS forms
>distribution center at 1-800-TAX-FORM for a copy of  Form 2555
>and Publication 515. 
>Title 26 and 26 Code of Federal Regulations can be consulted at
>any law library and even at many large city libraries. In
>closing, if you are a citizen (or resident alien) working for a
>living within one of the 50 states of the Union, you have never
>been made liable by Congress for the payment of the income tax 
>under title 26, Subtitle A unless you have voluntarily filed Form
>1040 in the past, in which case you created a legal presumption
>of a requirement where none actually exists under law, and will
>be expected (by the IRS) to keep filing unless and until you
>rebut that presumption via sworn affidavit, thereby shifting the
>burden of proof to the agency (Secretary of the Treasury/IRS *
>see below[jsh]), which must then disprove your statements and
>cannot. One who legally quits the Social Security entitlement
>program (via affidavit) is no longer required to pay Social
>Security taxes, will not receive back any monies already paid in,
>and will be ineligible to receive any future federal benefits. 
>If you may be experiencing difficulties with the IRS or just wish
>to Explore your options under the law, such as stopping tax
>withholding or Legally quitting the Social Security welfare
>scheme as I have, to contact me for more information.
> Sincerely,
> Bryan Rusch 1-(888)-686-3693
> Founder of Liberty Alliance!
> Independent Representative for the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship
>* I think this individual is in Puerto Rico where the IRS was Chartered.
>* There is also information that the bankruptcy is headquartered in the
>* Philipine Islands. Jsh@io.com

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