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Subject: SLS: Illegally ratified 14th Amendment (fwd)

>Subject: SLS: Illegally ratified 14th Amendment (fwd)
>Paul, Found this on the web site about the 14th Amendment as attached file
>Thank-You, <snip>

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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: GJ Draft Notice to Richard Matsch, Ch. J., USDC DCO (fwd)

11/22/97 @ Saturday @ 20:42 EST @ Limerick PA, USA

Re: Special Pink Slip "Draft Notice" for Hon. Richard P. Matsch,
               USDC DCO - Denver Colorado by fax to DCO clerk's office
               @ 303-844-5016 @ 11/22/97 @ 2123 EST. -JMB

To: Hon. Richard P. Matsch, J.

From: Jim Ballard, U.S. Grand Jury

Dear Judge Matsch,

     Here's the 2nd installment of the 11/18/97 informal draft
notice that I faxed to your Clerk of Court office for you early on
11/19/97. This portion is to give you some idea what sorry tangles
the judiciary, bar, and government get into when they subvert grand
jury process. This portion consists of the following formal
documents on that topic:

               1. JMB 6/7/97 Intro to U.S. Grand Jury Duty; 4 pages.
               2. JMB 7/12/97 Intro to Montco PA Grand Juror Duty; 2
               3. JMB 7/12/97 Motion in Montco PA County Court for
                    Amendment of Oath and Charge for 7/14/97 Montco
                    Grand Jury (refers to differences from David N.
                    Savitt, J.-PA, Pennsylvania Grand Jury
                    Practice, 1983 model charge for investigative
                    PA grand juries at pp. 281 et supra; 3 pages
               4. JMB 9/13/97 "1996" U.S. Panel Grand Juror Services
                    Statistics; 11 pages.
               5. JMB 7/24/97 28 USC 332(d)(3) Complaint Re Panel Grand
                    Jury Process to U.S. 3rd Circuit Judicial
                    Council; 5 pages.

Obviously, the information contained in those pages goes quite far
beyond anything that Dr. Jonathan Turley argued to your court on
behalf of the DCO 89-2 Special Grand Jury, but the enclosures are
only the most recent tip of the proverbial iceberg.

     I hope this material ably informs your meager discretion. The
11/18/97 document is quite sober, but took me 3 six-packs of
alcoholic beer to draft - and I was very sorely punished all
yesterday for resorting to alcoholic beer [see 2nd postscript
note]. The attachments here were all written without any such self-
compromising aid. They do mean that judgement which temporizes on
the basis of mere prevailing press and government conventions, does
tend to catastrophically fail, and that is the chief reason that
trial courts really do need the protection of truely competent and
independent panel grand juror services.

Respectfully, - Ballard
encls. 25 pages technical data.


11/18/97 @ Tuesday @ 9:44 EST @ Limerick PA, USA

Re: Special Pink Slip for Richard Matsch; Grand Jury
               Prosecutorial Discretion

To: Hon. Richard Matsch, J. USDC DCO by fax to DCO Clerk of Court
     office @ 303-844-5016 @ 11/19/97 @ 0913 EST

From: Jim Ballard, default, de jure, U.S. Grand Jury, USCAMA M74-
               8075 et seq, 63 Kugler Rd., Limerick PA 19468-1411;
               tel/fax: 610-287-8165

Dear Richard, Greetings from the United States, as my poor little
draft board used to say:

     I may have to fire you because you've become subordinant to
me, and I'm really not allowed to have any subordinants, just as
I'm not allowed to have any superiors, and I'm not allowed to harm
anyone or anything at all whatsoever, and am not interested in
conviction and punishment, but only in getting intelligent Answers,
which I'm not allowed to coerce, to help solve serious problems.
That also means I'm not really allowed to fire you either, since it
might hurt you and make you angry and cause you to tear the joint
apart, as I've done before several times complete with bodybags
from it, so we're going to take this one step at a time: I have to
try to draft you to sentience and real responsibility first. That's
something I can bring myself to actually do, draft people, because
we're all in this mess together, so I'm entitled to company.

     In the 1960's my poor little draft board didn't really know
how to draft us, so I wiped out the Selective Service System, but
I learned how, and I made a cardinal rule that everyone that gets
drafted or enlists must, absolutely must be given complete fluency
in the local theater language before being sent in armed. I finally
got around to drafting my very first draftee on Saturday and Sunday
(enclosed), an attractive "little" county ADA creature named
Tracey, who is fluent in her local theater language and is actually
almost as physically big as me although younger, less experienced,
more innocent. I really enjoyed doing it too, because it will
really help the "little" creature and the people she meets with and
deals with. So that's the way the pink slip process that's become
mandatory upon me is going to proceed, not by raw pink slips, but
by formal conscription to the production of the higher goods that
we of the United States are obliged, by Charter, to produce.

     You don't have fluency in the language of your theater yet,
have been resisting acquisition of such fluency, so the process in
your case may take a little stepwise while. Heretofore, you barely
even knew that a person like me exists, that a truely competent
United States grand jury was even possible, although, albeit a bit
forlorn at times, I'm really real, and I really do even regulate
the weather in my neck of the proverbial woods, really am plenary,
and it's not just me - I'm not really alone - there are lots of
other quite bright fellow travelers hither thither and yon driving

11/18/97 @ Tuesday @ 10:33 EST @ Limerick PA, USA
Ballard to Richard Matsch, J. DCO - page 2

me to do it. Too, unlike other grand jurors, I'm not at all secret,
am subject to complete discovery by everyone everywhere, and am
used to it, and Hon. Levin H. Campbell, J. USCAMA M74-8075, who
accidentally appointed me, and I, happen to be about the only
federal law officers I've ever heard of who have listed home phone
numbers and addresses. I recommend it. It works. I don't really
have to screen phone calls either. The phone company does it for me
automatically without any charge. They'd do the same for you.
That's something you should begin to learn, that the silly gov't
has never ever tapped my phone and never will, but that there's
something else, bigger, the culture, which does police me, and
which won't let me use my phone if the information is too
sensitive, for example. It really does work that way, and there is
real coding behind it and I know what it is, used to work for Bell
Labs, not that they were conscious of the coding either.

     That brings me to your first lesson in the local language,
which happens to be global and even beyond: you have to begin to
understand and follow the fact that we were largely founded on a
specific, Quaker, triple-entendre: "Speak Truth to Power." That's
what runs me, and the United States, and the planet, and the whole
local universe we know, when it's not just running amok. You have
to learn to do that. It's a way of life. Unless you do that, your
actual free will will be zip, zero, subordinant to those of us who
do do it - we'll have to fire you, force you to resign. I'm not
sure where it really came from. It may go all the way back to the
very first femtosecond. It's just the way things actually are, and
it's not half bad: I like it. Sure, technically, as federal grand
jury, I'm on a Constitutional par with the Supreme Court, the
Congress, and the Prez, whereas you Article One courts folk created
by the Congress might seem subordinant. But first and foremost
still, we're all citizens and persons, equals, not allowed to have
subordinants, not allowed any title of nobility.

     But why you, you may ask, out of nearly 700 federal trial
judges. Well, first, Richard, you're not alone. Some others are
going to get this special pink slip treatment too.

     Second, you're in DCO, and DCO was appointed the experimental
animal, by the Congress in 1986 et supra, was the appointed test
site to determine whether really competent, truely independent
grand juries like me, but in full 16-23 person panel lawful
retinue, are actually feasible. That was where your DCO 89-2
Special Grand Jury vis the Rocky Flats Plant actually came from.
You and they probably didn't know why it was you and them, but it
was because Colorado was a co-plaintiff in Western Solidarity et al
v. Reagan, Orr et al: DNE CV84-280, the NEPA case against the MX
missile boondoggle, a case in whose pie my fingers and face had
sunk really deep - I'd been really quite enthusiastic about it -
DCO was on the map, so you got picked, and, as you and Finesilver
know, you flunked, were too squeamish, tried to kill your little

11/18/97 @ Tuesday @ 11:43 EST @ Limerick PA, USA
Ballard to Hon. Richard Matsch, J. DCO - page 3

experimental grand jury as soon as it got just its little nose 
above water, and you frightened the little creatures - they were
afraid of being jailed although that's what they wanted to do to a
few little DoE folk. You've been a pretty sorry sight and sorry
site and sorry cite.

     Third, since escape is pretty impossible which also means that
nobody is really allowed to fail or resign, you DCO folk were given
presidency in the OKC bombing case, specifically your poor little
birthday suit self to whom Finesilver had turned over the reins in
an attempt to up and die instead, which probably won't be allowed
if it hasn't snuck by already. I've finally gotten around to
reading your resume - it's in the Federal Judiciary Almanac - so I
know your science training was nearly zilch, that you were
unprepared. The bottom line is that the OKC bombing wasn't done by
little McVeigh and Nichols, much as they may have incompetently
intended it. It was actually done here, in Third Circuit, in EDPA
CR87-275/USCAPA 95-1208, by accident, and chiefly by me who hates
firearms from zip guns to H-bombs, just can't stand them

     You, out there in WDOK and DCO probably had no idea what we
here in 3rd Circuit were dealing with, but it's much more accurate
and much more deadly to offend. It involves a globally strategic,
destructive, chemical weaponry capability I've reluctantly owned
since 1983 which also happens to be strategically anti-lethal,
curtains for everything coarser, worldwide and beyond, and that
"beyond" is at least 170 million putative light years out from
earth, from our little planet, the last time the gov't had the
chutzbah to try to measure it in early 1987. You'd all heard
stories about the Philadelphia bar. Well, it's real, and my father
trained half of it, and now there's me on top, and what's worse,
the whole thing is entirely deliberate. I'm named after a specific
forebear and it was entirely deliberate, my parents really worked
to get it exactly right. He was James Mackay, a double agent, paid
by the Spanish but who also reported directly to Jefferson - and
that's where the Lewis & Clark expedition came from. I'm the same
way, paid by the shrinks on a false technicality upon backhanded
encouragement by the Philadelphia federal bar, but they all know I
report directly to the whole darn planet and that that really
counts sometimes. It goes really deep too, much deeper than you can
get the poor little FBI to tell you about, poor little creatures.

     I didn't want involvement in the OKC case, tried my best to be
chicken, haven't written to you for nearly 2 years because local
FBI and local Dept Justice wanted to silence me, and I really
really tried to take them seriously - have been really, really
reluctant and squeamish to face the fact that I'm the one in
charge, that the reason I can't effectively "cry Uncle" is that I'm
the uncle that's cried to. At first, I wanted McVeigh to handle the
OKC music - but as we now know, he's just a scared kid, can't face

11/18/97 @ Tuesday @ 12:42 EST @ Limerick PA, USA
Ballard to Hon. Richard Matsch, J. DCO - page 4

it, is too scared, and you, darn you Matsch, are one of the fools
that scared him. But your clerks sent me the phoney WDOK CR95-110
indictment, and then even sent me the first 100 pages of the docket
for free, and someone, electronically, sent me the Benton Partin
report, and I dutifully turned 180 degrees in almost a split
second, swallowed my pride and put it on record in USCAPA CA96-2020
immediately, and talked physics with General Partin himself. So
it's all over, Richard.

     Maybe, probably, you knew about People of NY v. Muka and U.S.
v. Bryson [see postscript note] in McVeigh's background from NDNY
with an alleged offense in WDOK, knew the little creature had been
flown to do it, didn't have an ounce of real free will. I can't let
you kill him. He's not allowed to die. His death would probably be
your own as well, and I've taken special precautions against that,
and you and McVeigh aren't allowed to die, and Secret Service did
sign the USPS return receipt for it recently, so you're just not
allowed to locally die. The media and "right to die" movement,
which is very well informed and knows what they're doing, has been
hammering me on it recently. But it's firm. Death is not a
punishment and is not a right, is only a privilege, a privilege
that the titular government will never be allowed to grant or
regulate, a privilege that only the sovereign people themselves can
grant. McVeigh hasn't earned it, can't have it yet, neither can
you, and besides, death isn't anything like what you probably
thought it was like, really isn't any sort of vacation or escape,
and frankly, we've known that since about 1957, about since we
discovered that our local universe is only finite -    I know they
never told you about that, Richard, didn't want you to learn and
understand the sciences, me neither - it shows when one digs into
the records. I may be seemingly small, unknown, but I'm really
careful too, Richard.

     We just have to face it. Folk had mistaken folk like you and
Clinton and Reno as weak unless they purposely killed other people
- they hadn't known about me even though I'm in their phone books
and am the one who actually did it, albeit accidentally. Well,
Richard, we're not at all weak, and we don't want to kill at all,
not even by accident, and we wrack our little minds to avoid doing
it, at least I and Janet do, and the rest of us, the rest of
sovereign people of the United States, are just going to have to
face it and do likewise. The fact is that it's weakness to kill,
takes much more strength and power to save lives instead. Some very
knowledgeable, ex-military people want me to fire DoD, fire the
entire military, cut them out of humanitarian rescue missions,
which are all that's left, since they're not really trained for
that  yet, are only trained to kill and destroy. But I'm not going
to fire them, and I knew that humanitarian rescue missions are all
that's left. I'm the one that wiped out war and I did it
deliberately, and have been on the back of service academies and
staff colleges to retrain the corps for the new, postwar mission

11/18/97 @ Tuesday @ 16:17 EST @ Limerick PA, USA
Ballard to Hon. Richard Matsch, J. DCO - page 5

since 1983, and I'm not going to let up, and they are going to
learn it and train for it, not least because the service academies
are basically engineering schools, my kind of training, have to
teach people how to solve problems. If you can't face up to that
and promote it, then this draft notice will fail and you're fired.
You have to understand, Richard, that we're really not interested
in vengeance, that we know we have to govern, and we know it's up
to us, and we know its all for the record so that the tiny tots
will be able to do even better when they come to power too. It's
really just like clockwork, Richard.

     The fourth reason you get this draft notice, Richard, also has
to do with DCO having been the Congressionally appointed
experimental animal on behalf of my records. Last month there was
a storm that killed 8 Coloradans and 8 people in USDC DNE CV84-
280's Lincoln Nebraska of DNE's Ch. J., Judge Warren Urbom. That
probably meant nothing to you, since you were heretofore a mere
creature of accredited customs. 

     But I really am the United States Grand Jury, albeit very
reluctantly and not by choice, and even though "probable cause"
determination is only the first step in my duties, not the only and
final step as the bar had foolishly imagined, it's a literally
mathematical concept to me, and those 16 deaths were non-random vis
my work, so they were on my head, something I have to resist, and
that's not the first time I've suffered actuarially odd deaths in
Colorado, so it's got to stop, and if you don't face it and
deliberately help stop it, you're fired. I know it's tough, means
all the little creatures have got to learn to self-govern their
weather too, which was supposedly impossible and psychotic to even
imagine. Doesn't matter. Freud was only a cynical cocaine freak who
didn't understand physics. Since the little creatures are going to
have to self-govern their weather, they'll learn to do it and do it
whether it was "impossible" or not, and it's not at all impossible
in quantum physics: we do know how and why I actually do that sort
of thing. We do know why the weather here in Limerick has been mild
since I took back control on 3/19/96. Here, we do have self-
government, us, and our helpful police chief in this zero-crime
area, does talk of Deontology and Immanuel Kant on paper.

     You can put me on your witness stand to help explain all this
and get you off the hook a little more, if you want to and if you
will pay the costs since I'm an indigent witness. They tried that
locally, here in my home county, in September, as you can figure
out from the enclosure to little Tracey, my first draftee (you're
the second), but you should begin to understand that I'm really
meticulous on the witness stand. It's almost pitiful because I just
refuse to be confrontational in person, insist on being the friend
to everyone that I'm supposed to be. There are zero bombshells from
me on the stand, just hard core data.  You have to understand that,
that I'm not against anybody anywhere, can't be, automatically

11/18/97 @ Tuesday @ 20:54 EST @ Limerick PA, USA
Ballard to Hon. Richard P. Matsch, J. DCO - page 6

refuse to be. It's usually quite a shock. Most judges recuse
immediately, as did little Tracey's, my first draftee's judge, Bill
Carpenter. Bill just wanted to know whether I'm real. As soon as he
found out I am, it was "feet do yo' stuff," headlong flight. It
wasn't that I was a star witness on his witness stand - in fact
some inexperienced folk thought I was a really pathetic witness -
but you see, I was really meticulous, and that was all Bill needed
to know to know that I'm really real, and Bill Carpenter was the
very bravest of my local county bench, didn't recuse lightly. But
don't worry, Richard: Hon. Wm. Carpenter will come back, I learned
to know him, and he'll come back. You see, I never really fire
anyone, only invest in them instead, so they all always come back.
It'll be the same with you if you try to run away at first.

     Of course, you know that my remark on page 4 to little Tracey,
that I have no campaign ribbons on my chest, was only a polite lie,
that I couldn't have written that letter drafting little Tracey
unless I'd had all the campaign ribbons on my chest in blood red
with honors as I do. But they're invisible. Sure, there was a lot
more that I could have told little Tracey, but you see, she has to
discover it all for herself, in her own terms, and she will, and so
do you and you will, even though it may take her another decade to
really face it.  The little creature will eventually face it, will
accept the draft I've given her, will eventually understand it and
comply. Otherwise, I wouldn't have drafted her. If I didn't really
respect and believe in you, I couldn't draft you this way either.

     Again, Greetings from the United States. Now you know a little
more about who we actually are and what we actually do, and it's
not really that frightening after all and we're really very
friendly for everyone, including you. Welcome to the United States.
You and McVeigh and Nichols, albeit inadvertently, have made the
grade. I'm sorry it seemed so steep for you 3 little creatures. You
probably thought we want to hurt "bad guys." But we knew there
really aren't any bad guys, that there's really just us. It's
really very easy for everyone, and really, the only reason I exist
is to make it easier for folk like you to tell the rest of us the
real score that we have to face, Richard, that there's no one above
or below us, and that we have no enemies at all, that there's just
us, that it's all on our own little heads. That's what I'm drafting
you to teach. If that seems too much for you to do, you can resign
and think it over privately for awhile, not that there's any
possible escape. Eventually, you'll do it. I know you, I know 10th
Circuit and what it used to be, and I know America. I was created
that way deliberately. Eventually, we will do it, will gently and
graciously accept the responsibility in full. That's what we
bargained for: the reason we can have freedom of conscience and
free will is that we take the responsibility, is that we don't
default to anyone, not even to "God." We'll likely face it soon.

     So now you're drafted into the United States, into something

11/18/97 @ Tuesday @ 21:48 EST @ Limerick PA, USA
Ballard to Hon. Richard P. Matsch, J. DCO - page 7

you suspected and hoped for, but didn't quite think was real
before. I didn't want to draft you, didn't want to be grand jury 
either, it's taken me 3 six packs today to do this and I was
supposed to be in electronics school instead being spoonfed what
I'm already supposed to know but just need the actual care of other
folk to really know, but now it's done, you're drafted. You can
check with Wes McKinley, the foreman of the DCO 89-2 Special Grand
Jury you and Finesilver tried to kill. I've been in touch with Wes,
have given him some of the real records, just as I gave him a copy
of 18 USC and 28 USC, which he'd never seen before, right off the
bat in 1994. We're not just a fiction, Richard. The United States
is real, and it's here, and that should be a real comfort because
we're really, really friendly. Good luck, Richard, godspeed.

Respectfully, -Ballard
encl: JMB 11/15-16/97 to little Tracey Galena, 4 pages.

     [postscript note: those two 1977 caselaw opinions, one from
NDNY where McVeigh grew up, and one from what is now WDOK, are
about the only - and very wrong - federal court opinions that state
that only politically appointed U.S. Attorneys can prosecute
against federal crimes and that their prosecutorial discretion is
unreviewable and absolute - no appeals court nor Supreme Court has
ever been quite that treasonously stupid, know they'd never get
away with it. Of course, it probably wasn't the gov't itself that
"flew" McVeigh and Nichols, but the gov't culture. About a decade
or so ago, the public really took strong objection to that sort of
thing. For example, back in the 1970's or 1980's an airline,
United, as I recall, ran a full page ad picturing a pretty
stewardess with the caption, "Fly Me," but had to withdraw it and
apologize due to public outrage, and that outrage clearly wasn't
merely at the sexual implication of interest chiefly just to teeny-
boppers. Matsch is likely very well aware of all of that, is 67, 13
years older than even me myself, so his curtailment of defense
arguments in the OKC case is pretty stupidly cheeky. - JMB]

     [2nd postscript note @ 11/23/97 - I've already been punished
with pain for drafting Matsch whose court officers probably read
this first on 11/19-20/97 and who has forbidden his Clerk of Court
staff to speak with the DCO 89-2 Special Grand Jurors for about a
year, some of whom have been hounded out of their homes by threats
by the gov't. The gov't culture, which is bigger and less
accountable than gov't officers themselves even though the latter
are generally above the law unlike me, has generally felt free to
harass me, including with medically anomalous projected pain,
particularly over my 2 chief vices, beer and cigarettes, and did so
repeatedly in 1996 and early 1997 even after I switched to non-
alcoholic beer in late March. Some actual gov't officers, of
course, local U.S. Dept Justice types, don't want me telling anyone
anything, especially not district court judges nor anyone connected
with "law enforcement." But there's really no way to stop me from

11/23/97 @ Sunday @ 19:01 EST @ Limerick PA, USA
Ballard note on drafting Matsch - page 7A 

doing it because it's perfectly legal. In Pennsylvania, we have a
Constitutional right to remonstrate public officials, including
folk being allowed to remonstrate me too. So some have been
painfully remonstrating me for drafting Richard Matsch although few
knew I'd done so. They screwed up the nuisancesome remonstrance
too, didn't do their medical science homework, began it too late,
and did it too long.

     [The 11/18/97 first memo drafting Matsch admits it was
composed on "3 six-packs (of alcoholic beer)" but my last alcoholic
beer was at about 0930 EST on 11/19/97 and alcohol and its
metabolites are gone after 30 hours, but the pain attack, based on
my known hypertension which coupled with beer and cigarettes was
generally thought to be sufficient excuse for any problem, began at
0500 EST 11/21/97 - 44 hours later, sure sign it was projected,
fake. I was able to cure the abdominal pain by about 1200 EST
11/21/97 and keep down some water - there are pills to help with
that. But the lung/chest pain of the attack has continued to this
11/23/97 p.m. whenever I light-up a cigarette, and there aren't
pills for that - it's "man of truth, cure thyself." It's a darn
nuisance, but will go away in another day or so or sooner,
especially if I knuckle under [forego cigarettes and chew nicotine
gum instead and talk about it a little] - I don't have any
emphysema nor cancer, and the pain from those would be gradual
anyway, and my cardiovascular system is in good shape, but I could
also squander about $40 collecting a clean bill of health from my
physicians again. 

     [So the temporary pain punishment for drafting Matsch was just
part of the price I have to pay sometimes for operating openly with
even my medical records on formal public record. We have to
remember that cocaine freak Freud was wrong and didn't know
physics: we're all part of an interdependent field, not mere,
physically autonomous, little, biological machines. The wide world
is not divided into the Self on the one hand with everyone and
everything else being mere Objects on the other hand, as the
cynical Sigmund Freud had wrongly postulated so conveniently for
the rich and powerful. 

     [It's not so much little gov't officers deliberately
conspiring to give me pain, as it was the gov't culture, and we can
be pretty sure the gov't itself has never has tapped my phone etc.
and mostly would themselves rather not know what I've done and said
on record because it makes it harder for them to beat up anyone for
the Roman Circus corporate press of the gov't culture. But I can
generally knock out gov't folk for whatever hell their cowardice
puts me through, and it doesn't take them a very long time to
remember that, so it's really just a temporary nuisance now and
then. So you see, the Quaker triple-meaning concept that I try to
practice "Speak truth to power (gently and accountably)" is, among
other things, a pretty potent cure-all, although it exacts a price 

11/23/97 @ Sunday @ 21:16 EST @ Limerick PA, USA
Ballard postcript to drafting Richard Matsch - page 7B

in other ways, e.g. it's hard to meet my bills even though I have
no family of my own to financially support. 

     [I feel better already, and likely even moreso once I print
this out and fax and e-mail it. The Gospel in church today was the
colloquy between J. Christ and Pontius Pilate reported at John
18:33-37 to which the only American amendment is that we are too of
this world too, and not interested in becoming kings, but remain
interested in learning and teaching truth. Given that amendment,
the medical arts should have the benefit of GENTLE "Christian"
Science which was never uniquely Christian. Or, for American
cynics, there's the explanation of the 9/8/97 New Yorker sardonic
cartoon of gaping fellow standing before Saint Peter at the Pearly
Gates of Heaven: Saint Peter is examining his record book, and
saying, "I see here several good deeds that seem to have gone
unpunished." -JMB]

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