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>      Starr, Thompson and Burton Opposition Linked to China
>When the People's Republic of China does business in the U.S., it
>is  often  represented  by the Asian-American law firm of Perkins
>Coie, which maintains a large office in  Taipei,  Taiwan  and  is
>headquartered  in  the  Pacific Northwest of the U.S. The company
>prospectus boasts  of  representing  "numerous  PRC  entities  in
>connection  with  manufacturing  facilities in the United States,
>numerous PRC entities involved in U.S. corporate, real estate and
>acquisition   matters,   as  well  as  numerous  PRC  state-owned
>enterprises  in  U.S.  corporate  and  trade  matters,  including
>import-export, shipping, aviation and transportation companies."
>Moreover,  Perkins  Coie   claims   that   it   maintains   "good
>relationships  with  PRC governmental authorities at the central,
>provincial and local levels."
>As opposed to John Huang and Maria Hsia, who are known to the FBI
>as  clandestine  agents of Communist China, Perkins Coie does not
>try to hide the fact that it is an agent of the PRC.
>It comes as a great surprise, then, that Perkins Coie appeared as
>legal  counsel  for  no  less  than  seven witnesses who appeared
>before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee to testify about
>illegal   fundraising,   focusing  on  an  illegal  plan  by  the
>government of China to influence U.S. elections.
>One of those represented by Perkins  Coie  was  none  other  than
>Richard  Sullivan,  the  former DNC finance chief responsible for
>fundraising during the 1996 presidential campaign.
>With the shocking revelation by Bob Woodward that the Ministry of
>State Security in Beijing -- the Chinese equivalent of the CIA --
>boasted it had been successful in "thwarting"  the  congressional
>inquiry, the Perkins Coie connection becomes even more troubling.
>Did Perkins Coie work  with  Committee  Democrats  to  block  the
>inquiry?  The  actions of the Senators speak for themselves. When
>Sullivan  was  before  the  Committee  for   the   second   time,
>dissembling  and  evading  his  way  through  the  flak put up by
>Republican Senators, it was Senator Glenn  who  launched  into  a
>filibustering tirade about the "unfairness" of the investigation.
>When Chairman Thompson had to gavel the filibustered hearing to a
>close  without  giving  Senator  Specter  a  chance to thoroughly
>interrogate Sullivan, Glenn reminded Thompson that he would  have
>to  give  a  three-day  advance  notice  if he wanted to continue
>questioning Sullivan. Sullivan was off the hook.
>This event was symptomatic of the manner in  which  Democrats  on
>the  Committee  managed to obstruct and delay the progress of the
>committee until it had to close because of an  imposed  deadline.
>It was then that the Chinese CIA took credit. Committee Democrats
>Levin and Toricelli have both taken money from Chinese agent John
>Huang,  and  Senator  Glenn has offered to negotiate on behalf of
>John Huang.
>If China thwarted the Congressional inquiry, what is China  doing
>about   Kenneth   Starr   and   the  other  independent  counsels
>investigating the White House? A lot, it seems.
>There are  two  organizations  devoted  to  attacking  Starr  and
>getting  negative  stories  about  him  in  the U.S. media. James
>Carville's Education and Information Project  and  Lynn  Cutler's
>Back   to   Business  Committee.   And  who  are  listed  as  the
>incorporators of both committees?  None other than Robert  Bauer,
>Judith Corley and Holly Shadler, all of Perkins Coie.
>According to an interview  of  James  Carville  by  the  American
>Spectator,  it was none other than Bill Clinton's personal lawyer
>Robert Bennett of Williams & Connolly, who advised  him  to  seek
>legal  and  financial assistance for his Starr attack with Robert
>Bauer of Perkins Coie.
>It comes as no surprise, then, that both Carville and Cutler keep
>the  donor  lists  for  their  committees  a  secret.  But  a few
>donations have leaked out anyway. Chinese bag  man  Johnny  Chung
>has  donated  $25,000 to the Back to Business Committee. There is
>reason to assume that the money came directly  from  the  Chinese
>government,  since  Johhny Chung has received wire transfers from
>the Bank of China, a bank  owned  and  operated  by  the  Chinese
>government.   Johnny   Chung   has   pled  the  Fifth  Amendment.
>Congressional probers have also discovered  that  the  group  got
>funding  from  an Arkansas firm partly owned by Lippo, where John
>Huang worked.
>Both Carville's and Cutler's  organizations  have  devoted  their
>efforts  to  campaigns against Kenneth Starr, Dan Burton, and the
>Internet. The White House  "Communication  Stream  of  Conspiracy
>Commerce"  report  that  linked  critics  of the White House in a
>global conspiracy was distributed briefly  through  the  Back  to
>Business  web site. And Carville's web site boasts that his anti-
>Starr campaign "has generated over 450 stories on the Lexis Nexis
>database of major news sources."
>Was  this  what  Senator  Thompson  referred  to  when  he   said
>intelligence  showed  Chinese  agents  "attempting to communicate
>Beijing's views through media channels in the United States"?
>One thing is clear. The U.S. mainstream  media  has  uncritically
>disseminated the propaganda produced by these two organizations.
>If Democratic Senators did the bidding of  China  on  the  Senate
>Governmental  Affairs  Committee,  are  they doing the bidding of
>China in thwarting the investigation by the Independent  Counsels
>as well? Consider the following:
>Senator  Carl  Levin  has  for  over  a  year  demanded   immense
>quantities  of  paperwork  from  independent  counsels  who  pose
>threats to President Clinton. The independent  counsels  have  no
>doubts  about  what  Levin  is  up to. "This information would go
>right into the skunk works at the White House to use against us,"
>a  senior  lawyer  in one of the independent counsel offices told
>columnist Bob Novak last week. "But we are not intimidated."
>Why would the Chinese government thwart an inquiry  into  illegal
>fundraising  and  corruption  at  the  White  House?  It is quite
>simple. Having contributed so heavily to Bill Clinton's  election
>in  1992 and his re-election in 1996, it is now merely protecting
>its investment.
>Where is the U.S. media on this unfolding scandal? Why has nobody
>reported,  much  less followed up on, the shocking revelations by
>Bob Woodward and William Safire?  Safire reported last week  that
>the  Justice Department has not even questioned John Huang, which
>it knows to be a spy. Why not?
>  Published in the Nov. 24, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
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