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Subject: SLS: Vehicle Confiscation at 1,000 per month in Philadelphia

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>Subject:       Vehicle Confiscation at 1,000 per month in Philadelphia
>This came in by Fax this evening and it is SO IMPORTANT that each of you
>read this.
>While you are reading this please keep in mind the bill proposed by Sen.
>Pam Roach (R-31) for VEHICAL CONFISCATION in Washington.
>This legislation is being directed from a central point in this country,
>folks, these things DO NOT just magically appear in each state as a brand
>new idea of some legislator.  PLEASE wake up!!!!
>Jackie Juntti
>Washington Drivers had better be ready to beat back this same attack
>against our right to travel freely in our own vehicles.  It's in New
>Jersey and Philadelphia - and soon coming to Washington State.
>It will be interesting to see if Americans will give up their cars to
>the New World Order, or if they'll start fighting back....if not now,
>when???????     ----Lu
>Volume 1 Issue 79
>November 22, 1997
>E-MAIL: KEXG49A@prodigy.com
>     Beginning Jan. 1st, uninsured _OR_ unregistered vehicles will be
>impounded under a pilot program instituted by Philadelphia's City
>Council.  The city expects to impound 52,000 vehicles a year.  It is
>estimated that Philadelphia has as many as 400,000 unregistered or
>uninsured vehicles.
>     For the first six months of 1998, when a police officer stops a
>motorist for a moving violation and discovers that the vehicle is
>unregistered or uninsured, he will call the radio room at his
>headquarters.  From there the call will be routed to Traffic Court,
>which will alert a private tow truck company.  The tow truck will then
>haul the car to an impounding area.  The owner will be given a 30 day
>period to insure or register the vehicle.  If he can't afford either,
>the vehicle will be sold at auction.
>     Pennsylvania has the country's highest vehicle registration fees by
>far.  The main reason is the new emission-testing program.  A recent
>sample of 51 local garages found the charges for a pollution and safety
>inspection to average of $69.00.  The next most expensive program is in
>California and averages out at around $60.00.  Car insurance for a
>middle aged driver owning a 1989 Ford in Philadelphia is around
>$2,000.00.  That is providing the motorist has no previous accidents or
>     Pennsylvania's new inspection program began Oct. 1, 1997.  It
>relies on private garages and uses a treadmill-like dynamometer to
>measure exhaust fumes.  Garages have invested between $31,000 and
>$50,000 in the new equipment and PennDot officials concede that there is
>pressure for them to recoup their investment.
>     Lance Haver, the educational director of the Consumers Education &
>Protective Association, said he opposes the program because it makes the
>police department serve as collection agents for the insurance
>industry.  Each year, scores of innocent pedestrians and motorists are
>injured and even killed by police cars speeding after motorists who have
>committed traffic infractions.  Mr. Haver believes this new program is
>likely to increase these chases.  He feels motorists will simply refuse
>to stop for police if they are about to have their car confiscated.
>     City Councilman Rich Mariano, who was instrumental in speeding up
>the pilot program, is confident the program will reduce the number of
>uninsured and unregistered cars.  When asked if the insurance companies
>fail to lower rates as he expects, he responded, "Well then, we'll get
>our friends in the state legislature to do it."
>     Mariano's confidence in insurance rate reductions is not supported
>by recent past experiences, however.  Last year, Philadelphia's District
>Attorney Lynn Abraham, announced a crack down on Philadelphia residents
>who portray themselves as non-city residents to pay lower insurance. 
>Violators were threatened with stiff fines and arrest if found guilty. 
>Despite thousands of citizens subsequently applying for the far more
>expensive Philadelphia insurance, not a single insurance company has
>lowered their car insurance rates.
>     Car confiscation plans have been in the works for year.  On
>Wednesday, September 24, 1975, U.S. Secretary of Transportation William
>T. Coleman made the following comment to members of the American
>Automobile Association at the Bellevue-Stratford in Philadelphia. **
>"Americans may have to get used to the idea that their right to a
>private car is NO LONGER ABSOLUTE."**
>     Ironically this January in Philadelphia, the very same city where
>Secretary Coleman questioned the right of the individual to own a
>private car back in 1975, the City Council will begin confiscating the
>vehicles from people who, for the most part, simply can't afford the
>exorbitant cost of insurance.
>.................end of fax..................

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