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Dear Paul,

Sorry it has taken a few days to get back to you.  I now attach an article
by Simon Delaney which you might find interesting.  It is copywritten so
you might have to distill the text if you wish to use the information for
whatever purposes.

Kind regards,



The city of Washington, D.C. was built under the guidance of the Columbian
faction of  Weishaupt's Illuminati.  It was to become the centre of
governorship for the Order of the New World and became known among the
adepts as "the New Egypt."  The Rothschilds, Hapsburgs, Hanovers and others
who made up the ranks of the "Illuminated Ones" already controlled Europe,
having subverted almost all the monarchies of that continent through the
introduction of paper debt and fractional reserve banking.  This had enabled
the banking dynasties to loan vast sums of ethereal credit to nations which
more than effectively accrued an unrepayable debit due in the REAL currency
of gold or silver.  Thus the power brokers were able to move in and seize
control of the financial and economic apparati of the target nations in

Upon seceding from the British empire through force of arms, the Founding
Fathers were nevertheless themselves not immune to the encroaching and
omnipresent influence of the European banking cartels upon their freshly
won soil.  The war of 1812, financed almost completely by the Rothschilds,
was a desperate attempt to bring the disobedient, colonial "red-headed
stepchild" to heel.  Behind the scenes, plans had been laid for a new
capital to be constructed based on the ancient esoteric knowledge and magic
of Old Egypt.  Weishaupt's Illuminati had taken many of its guiding
principles from the top levels of freemasonry and had incorporated them
into its charter.  Thus, a site had to be found in the New World which
faithfully reflected that of the worship home of the ancient demonic
trinity: Osiris, Isis, and Horus, of Egypt.  A fever-ridden swamp along the
banks of the Potomac suited their purposes admirably;  its river course and
tributaries closely resembled that of the Nile and its course southward
into the African interior.  The land chosen by this river was parcelled
into lots and numbered, the city plans having been drawn up by French
masonic designer L'Enfant years before.  The positioning of the U.S. town of
Alexandria faithfully mirrors its counterpart in Egypt.  Later, other towns
and monuments celebrating the pervading demons of Egypt would be
constructed such as the pyramid in Memphis, and the Luxor hotel in Las

Today the city of Washington, District of Columbia, is a veritable mirror
of illuministic endeavour, a city-temple meticulously constructed according
to the religious rites of freemasonry.  Incorporated into its street design
can be seen the Sphinx, the thirteen-tiered pyramid with the All Seeing Eye
of Horus staring down an avenue into the White House.  The U.S. Capitol,
built upon Lot 666, is shaped into the Goat of Baphomet and sits atop a
truncated pyramid.  The Washington Monument symbolises the venerated male
organ of Osiris.  According to legend, the ancient antichrist emperor,
Nimrod (later deified as Osiris), was hunted down shortly after the Flood
by one of Noah's sons, Shem, and brought to trial for crimes and
abominations committed against YAHWEH.  Nimrod was tried by an assize of 49
judges in Egypt and sentenced to death by dismemberment, his 13 body parts
carried into the various corners of the known world and displayed as an
example to the world of the consequences of blasphemy and apostasy against
the Invisible Mighty One of Israel.  Nimrod's wife, the beautiful witch
Semiramis, resolved to seek out the pieces of her husband's body and found
all but the penis, which later became a symbol of veneration and worship by
the pagans as the bringer of life and the ultimate generative principle. 
Thus, phallic worship became a staple of ancient Egyptian religious culture,
Nimrod became deified as Osiris (Ammon-Ra), his wife Semiramis as Isis, the
Earth mother goddess.  The Jewish leader, Shem, became the wicked god,
Seth, forever plaguing the peoples of the Earth with restrictive covenants
and binding moralities (Levitican Law).

The Washington Monument is 555 feet in visible height (6,660 inches). 
However tourist guides to the obelisk tell us that 20% of its overall
height forms part of the foundations in order to stabilise the monument. 
Thus, the true height of the obelisk is 666 feet, accurately reflecting the
accursed number of the forthcoming antichrist leader of the New World
Order, Lucifer.  

The Washington Beltway is shaped like the skull of Satan with the little
horn of the antichrist mentioned in the book of Daniel.  The mouth of the
skull is formed by Gallows Road, the nasal cavity by Route 66, and the eye
to the skull is the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia.  The total
circumference of the Beltway (Route 495 (4+9+5=18=6+6+6)) is 66.6 miles

Arlington cemetery contains pathways that seem to be randomly shaped. 
However, if one maps these and shades them in, the face of Isis is clearly
seen, and if the pattern is reversed, the child (French "L'Enfant") of Satan
(the AntiChrist) becomes visible.  Bordering this area is the military
headquarters of the New World Order, the Pentagon.

The Watergate center is shaped as a reversed "JC" (Jesus Christ).  In
satanic circles, the reversal of holiness is unholiness.  A little to the
east, decorating the frieze of the Department of Agriculture building is a
row of stone swastikas which stare directly across the avenue at the Jewish
Holocaust Memorial.  Rock Creek Park is in the shape of a goat -- plainly
so.  Other research documents display an intricacy to the artwork contained
in the streets that map out mythological scenes from ancient Egypt and the
pantheon of the pagan gods.  This is clearly not the capital city of the
God referred to in the Founding Documents, but of another, yet to make his
final, if futile attempt, to subvert the eternal rule of Jesus Christ, our
Savior.  The name of this "god" is Lucifer, the Shining One, represented by
the sun, so faithfully depicted on the Shell Oil logo, 76 gasoline, United
Artists, the Japanese national flag, and countless other seemingly innocuous
decorations.  The ARCO gasoline symbol is a vertical view of the truncated
pyramid, as is the Maltese Cross employed by Adolf Hitler, the Royal Family
of England, and many others.  One must remember that much thought goes into
the construction of corporate, national and religious symbolism.  It is
certainly not arrived at by chance.

The city of Washington is, of course, named after the first President of the
United States, George Washington.  Much is made of George Washington's
masonic connections, yet very little is discussed about his final
renouncing of the evils of freemasonry and his subsequent baptism by a
primitive baptist preacher into the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. 
The disavowal of freemasonry by this great leader and patriarch no doubt
led to his ultimate demise at the hands of his physicians, who bled him to
death in 1797.

Today Washington, D.C., is a city built in the shape of a 10-mile square.
The square is oriented like a diamond, split into the upper and lower
triangles.  This is the same shape as the so-named "Star of David" which
also symbolises the two-god theology of paganism: the good god, Lucifer,
the sun, the bringer of life, and the bad god, Seth, YAHWEH, the bringer of
rules and restrictions preventing the citizen from "doing whatever you
want".  Satan's philosophy is the philosophy of liberalism: "Do What
Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law" (Aleister Crowley).  Paganism
seeks to place Satan on the same level as YAHWEH (Jesus Christ).  Yet Satan
is a created being, had a Creator and, therefore, cannot be anything other
than who the Bible portrays him to be: an angel, ultimately mortal and
already judged and damned by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  It is not hard
to see the footprints of luciferian philosophy down through the epochs of
history and their identical, inevitable and self-destructive consequences. 
Nothing is going to change the results of this behavior in the future.

Washington, D.C. today is the murder capital of the world.  Coincidence? 
Perhaps not.  Perhaps what you are witnessing is the final denouement of
the plan of YAHWEH, as depicted in the pages of Holy Scripture.  God is
determining at this time who will ultimately follow His ways and who will
swear allegiance to the emerging human system of the AntiChrist.  He makes
this determination based on how we live our lives, whether we are fit for
the kingdom of heaven, or whether ultimately we will reject His Son by
living a life of disobedience to Him.  Thus, the only question which remains
in God's eyes is this:

Where do you stand?

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