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Subject: SLS: "The vivid pattern" from "The Federal Zone"

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     The vivid  pattern that  has now  painfully emerged  is that
"citizens of  the United  States", as defined in federal tax law,
are the  intended victims  of a  new statutory  slavery that  was
predicted by  the infamous  Hazard Circular  soon after the Civil
War began.   These statutory slaves are now burdened with a bogus
federal debt which is spiralling out of control.  The White House
budget office  recently invented  a  new  kind  of  "generational
accounting" so as to project a tax load of seventy-one percent on
future generations  of these "citizens of the United States".  It
is our  duty to  ensure that  this statutory slavery is soon gone
with the wind, just like its grisly and ill-fated predecessor.

quote from "Conclusions" in:
"The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue,"
 electronic seventh edition

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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