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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: The children in Denver.

Citizens Arrest, commandeering airport police and fire
to stop the plane in its tracks, even blowing its
tires, if necessary, using hand guns and/or 
pick axes to puncture the tires while taxiing 
to the runway.  This is a kidnap racket which 
involves numerous violations of federal and 
state laws, some of which carry capital punishments
and life terms in prison.

The Citizen can get on the radio to the pilot, and
and the tower, to order them to stop the plane immediately.

Spare nothing.  These criminals MUST be stopped --
by courageous and quick-thinking Americans who
are ready to FIGHT to defend these innocent
children.  Let the jury decide who was right
after all the dust settles.

Tires can always be replaced.

If the plane does take off, scramble the Air National
Guard on orders from the Arresting Citizen(s), to
intercept the plane in-flight and escort it back
to its origin.  Call the Governor's office asap
to inform that office of the imminent Citizen's Arrest.

If you need "authority," tell them you have prior
written permission of a Private Attorney General
and Candidate for Congress who is an expert in
federal law and in the problem at hand.

I will take responsibility for any lawful deterrence
which qualified Citizens choose to execute.

Now GO GO GO!!!

I am standing by.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:41 PM 11/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
>This is chilling!!!   
>What can we do about this?
>Dot Bibee
>Forwarded message:
>From:	ranger@azwest.net
>To:	DotHB@Aol.Com
>Date: 97-11-26 10:22:43 EST
>Our report tells us for those of you that haven't heard that over 120
>children were seen on a plane at Denver International Airport on Sat. Nov.
>15, 1997. One gentleman was performing maintenance or something on a plane
>at the airport, saw that their were over 120 children on the flight. When he
>questioned a woman that was on the flight with the children, she replied,
>"Social Services, now get out of here" as she flashed a badge.
>Immediately this gentleman, who obviously smelled a rat, started following
>up on the flight plan/records. The flight was headed for Paris. 
>Could this flight have originated in Las Vegas where the children are bought
>and sold and have been for some time and were they headed for the mid-east
>to be used as sex slaves as so many before them? Channel 9 news in Denver
>has been notified. Let's see what they are made of. Also this story was
>initially released at a benefit for Jack McLamb, Ted Gunderson was also
>there. Those of you knowing these guys may want to give a call to see what,
>if anything they were told regarding the children.
>You could also put pressure to Channel 9 news in Denver.
>Please forward any mail to me Dee; @ CEdson4836@aol.com or

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