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Subject: SLF: Notice of Removal and of Related Procedural Remedies

Because the Sixth Amendment is the supreme Law 
of the Land in each and every state of the Union.

The state constitutions are required to give it
this status, or those constitutions are not
Republican in Form.  See Hauenstein v. Lynham,
100 U.S. 483 (1880).  This case is particularly
apropos human rights treaties, which were enacted
to reinforce the fundamental rights of Citizens.

The right to have the assistance of Counsel for
the defense is a fundamental Right.  Period.

There IS no 14th amendment, and Dyett v. Turner
proves it.  So, you are wagging your tongue at
the fickle wind, to persist in citing it in
any fashion as authority for anything whatsoever.

The Privileges and Immunities Clause controls here.

If you must disagree with every single thing I do,
then I am thereby convinced that you are being 
paid to disrupt my participation on the Internet.

You are doing a very lousy job.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>In a message dated 97-11-27 08:07:22 EST, you write:
><<      Defendant hereby  offers to prove that the Tucson City Court
> [sic] is  also arraigning  criminal defendants via closed-circuit
> television cameras  without the  assistance of  Counsel  for  the
> defense, in direct, premeditated, and systematic violation of the
> Sixth Amendment  in the  Constitution for  the United  States  of
> America, as  lawfully amended.   See  Johnson v. Zerbst, 304 U.S.
> 458, 468 (1938), in chief. >>
>A paradox for the supremeloser:
>How could the State of Arizona violate the Sixth Amendment unless the
>Fourteenth Amendment is valid and causes Sixth Amendment prohibitions to
>apply against state governments?
>Oops.  That would mean that he's basing his claim on something he believes to
>be untrue.
>For freedom,
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