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To: "David Russell, Warwick" <davew@lor.jrent.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: "Patriots for Profit?? (fwd)

Dear David,

Thank you for your wise observations.

You must understand that DOJ and
the local and state governments,
have declared a secret war on my
legal research.  For example, in my
civil case, the judge disallowed 
ALL of the legal services for which
I had billed the defendants, even though
they had retained me for the work,
even though I did the work, and even
though they never ever complained about
that work, and never did anything to
contest the multiple invoices I sent
them.  This was that "judge's" way of
saying:  your work is worthless, 
as far as we are concerned.  

Well, in doing so, he has violated one
human rights treaty which guarantees
equal pay for equal work, not to 
mention the state statutes which 
guarantee right to work in Arizona state.

So, we have a very tough war going here, 
and I am not going to cave in, just because
they are winning, in the short run,
by starving me.  If you don't already
know, the civil jury gave me everything
else that I asked for, and I do believe
they would have given me the $900 in
legal services too, had the judge not
disallowed that part of the claim, thus
preventing the jury from awarding me
that part of the claim as well.  

Finally, the defense attorney wrote and mailed me
a check for the full judgment amount ($3,113.42),
which had been embezzled from me in the 
first place, only to order payment STOPPED
at the Bank of America because of the 
"wrong amount."  This was NOT the wrong
amount;  it was exactly the right amount.

So, now I must fight a corrupt attorney
for committing mail fraud and bank fraud
(he mailed a bad check, then he lied to 
an FDIC-insured bank);  these are both
felonies.  FYI:  his name is Lawrence E. Condit,
Esquire.  Judge Gibson addresses him in open
court as "Sir Condit."  

Nice gesture from Judge Gibson, eh?

Title of Nobility, maybe?

Now do you see what I mean?  Please understand
that I had to sue these particular defendants,
because I had entrusted them with $3,000 of
Crawford threatened my life in my own living
room.  I did not think it was wise, at that
point in time, to keep any valuables around
my house.  That was the last $3,000 which I
had in the world, mind you!  Those accountants
flatly embezzled it;  they lost my civil case
to recover it;  then their attorney embezzled
it again, in effect, by stopping payment on a
court-ordered judgment.

Want to join me in the trenches, or do you 
prefer to watch this on your computer monitor
instead?  Please understand:  I used to be a
high-school quarterback.  I could thread the
needle, with "rifled" passes, at 50 yards.
I don't think much of arm-chair quarterbacks,
and you don't strike me as one of them;  I just
want to be sure you don't ever become one!  :)

Everybody knows that when I litigate, the
pleadings that I write will eventually find
their way to being published in the Supreme Law 
Library.  Hence, the war of retaliation against
my ability to document the truth, in clear and
nearly perfect English, and in honor of the
Perfect Law of Freedom.

I know the Most High is taking care of me,
because I would NEVER had come this far --
without His enormous assistance, at every
step of the way.  It is just a little difficult
to keep going when I have not eaten for 5 days,
and my blood sugar is going haywire, my sleep
is being disrupted, and I am fighting back 
the dry heaves.

Have a very happy Holiday Season, okay?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 11:11 AM 11/28/97 -0600, you wrote:
>On 26 Nov 97, pmitch@primenet.comsaid the following about, 
> SLS: "Patriots for Profit not welcome:
>Hello, my friend, in the name of the 
>> Compensation for labor is not "income",
>> because it is not profit.
>	Agreed. . .stipulated
>> For your information, I have no money in my
>> wallet today.  I have been stiffed for over
>> $50,000 in honest legal fees
>I remember, Paul
>. . . .
>> I have been able to eat, ONLY because of the
>> generous donations and personal loans which
>> I have received from various private and
>> confidential parties since then.
>God will provide because He loves you. 
>He is your source.
>. . . .
>> But, you see, the Holy Bible has already told us,
>> in very plain words, that the love of money is
>> the root of all evil. 
>No problem here.
>. . . . .
>> When the dirt is piled on top of their coffins,
>> I do hope their dead bodies are packed tightly 
>> among an immense collection of Federal Reserve Notes,
>> properly bundled and labelled by Brinks Armored
>> Car Services, winches lowering their flowered
>> tombs deep into the fertile earth, never to make
>> contact with the Most High, ever again, as their
>> souls writhe amid plasma sulfur seething through
>> their rotten veins.
>This is graphic, Paul.
>Paul, I wanted to write because I 
>admire your zeal, and your intelligence 
>with regards to the multitudinous 
>problems facing our nation today.
>With due respect, perhaps you should 
>resort to a change of strategy in your 
>lifestyle. If you had a "regular job", 
>or engaged in some business to provide 
>to provide your daily bread would you 
>not be able to avoid all or most of 
>your frequent crisis of the financial 
>I know I have been busy doing "patriot 
>stuff" for several years, but I could 
>not have done these things without 
>having first been taking care of my 
>business. God meets all of my needs 
>THROUGH my business, Paul. The patriot 
>activities do not provide a source of 
>finance (except maybe on occasion).
>Also, another comment, if I may.
>If you are going to "do business" with 
>someone providing "law services", be 
>sure you have a peace about whether or 
>not they will pay you. Collect for each 
>and every item you provide for them. Do 
>not allow a "tab" to be run up. It is 
>an unwise action in business. I would 
>expect that the Holy Spirit has 
>counselled you thus.
>Enough of my ramblings, friend. Be at 
>peace in the Lord. He love you so.
>God Bless You, 
>David Russell, Warwick
>Tulsa, Oklahoma

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