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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: The children in Denver.
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The Supreme Law Firm is committed to a pro bono
project which has us tracking an estimated 2,500
children who have been reported missing.  We have
been on (and off) this project for almost 2 years,
ever since a client brought us in to defeat a
sentence of 21 years in state prison, for 
conspiracy to kidnap;  only problem was:  he was
the ONLY defendant!!  ATF had extorted a confession
from him, by screwing a silencer onto the barrel
of a 9mm and telling him he was GOING TO CONFESS
to conspiracy to kidnap.  We let the dust settle
for >12 months, then filed a criminal complaint in
state court against the state judge, the prosecutor,
and the public defender, for deprivation of fundamental
Rights, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 242 and 241.  I was
an eyewitness to those deprivations.  The defendant
had backed into a child kidnap racket in Arizona,
when he was trying to locate his lost child.

The report out of Denver was a very important and
very fresh lead.  We have been told that a ground
crew member observed a plane filled with minors,
about to depart.  When he started asking questions,
a woman flashed a badge, said, "Social services!",
and told him to get lost.  He checked the manifest,
and discovered it was headed for Paris.  I believe
that plane was headed ultimately for Belgium,
where a satanic cult was exposed by the Belgian
Fire Department last year.  They surrounded the courthouse,
where the cult was being protected by local judges,
and hosed it for hours -- making quite a splash
on the front page as well.

We are closing, carefully and deliberately, on 
our working hypothesis, still active, that many
of these 2,500 children were brought into the
Child Protective Services ("CPS") program in Arizona,
where their papers were doctored for purposes
of persuading the Arizona Legislature to enact
huge increases in the CPS operating budgets.

During the past 5 months, CPS did get a $40 million
INCREASE in their operating budget.  Of course, 
the papers were wheeled into the Arizona Legislature,
as proof of the increased demand for services, but
the children were NOT wheeled into the Legislature,
as proof of the increased demand.  Go figure!!

The bad news, of course, is that many of these
kids (and adults), have totally disappeared.  We think 
they are being recycled into drug running, prostitution,
pornography rackets, slavery in foreign countries,
snuff films, sexual exploitation and -- are you sitting down?
-- a murder racket killing these run-aways and
throw-aways, for their live organs.  

Remember, the Red Chinese military are now routinely 
murdering political prisoners for their live organs;
they are getting about $30,000 per organ, and this
black market has now reached North America.  Congress
has launched a formal investigation into this
horrific black market, and Mr. Wu, a former Chinese
journalist and whistle-blower, is touring America
right now, telling everyone who will listen, 
the very same story.

Does this bring you up to date?

We are actively discussing ways to interdict kidnapped
children, if and when they should be discovered 
on-board a 757 within 10 minutes of departure for
Paris (or Belgium, or Mexico, or ... ?)  I do know a
lot of pilots, and we are now sharing ideas, quite
privately (mind you), about every conceivable 
facet of such a terrible problem.  So far, the 
concensus is to stop the plane as it taxies from
the terminal to the foot of the runway.  How we
will do that, exactly, remains to be seen.  Several good
ideas are being evaluated, for engineering (and legal) 

One option is to blow the front (and rear) tires while the 
plane is moving at relatively slow velocity (<30mph).  Another 
is to cripple the front landing gear, to destroy its ability 
to steer on the ground.  These options assume, of course,
that the Tower has been unable to prevent the plane from
leaving the concourse in the first place.  Timing will
be immensely important, moment-by-moment.

We are also looking very carefully at the pertinent
state statutes which allow for Citizens Arrests.
I am making no secret of my status, and credentials,
as a Citizen of Arizona state, Federal Witness,
Counselor at Law, Private Attorney General, and
now a Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.
FAA has jurisdiction over airport operations.

If these credentials are not sufficient to stop a
plane load of children, about to be stolen forever,
then I do not know what else it would take to prevent
their imminent destruction.  The Citizens Arrest
statutes we have seen, to date, fully support a
Citizen's right to commandeer WHATEVER forces are
required to prevent gross violations of federal and
state laws which are about to be committed.  Kidnapping
is a capital offense in several states of the Union,
electric chair in Texas state.

By discussing this problem openly, here and elsewhere,
several good things can happen:  (1) we alert those 
employed at airports, who are in a position to take
direct and immediate action;  (2) aircraft manufacturers
can begin to circulate communiques -- to alert their many
contacts to the possibility of such criminal conduct
going on right under everyone's noses;  (3)  pilot & crew
associations can begin to review this terrible tragedy,
so that we can all begin to develop good, workable
contingency plans, in the event of specific emergency
situations;  (4) airport authorities can begin to prepare
-- by identifying and ordering additional equipment which
may be needed, such as sharpshooter .3006 rifles with
precision scopes & ammo, should we need to blow tires 
if/when a jet starts to taxi;  (5) all this exposure should,
we hope, chill probable conspiracies to think twice
about the next abduction(s) they might be conspiring
to execute.

I hope this helps.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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At 09:42 AM 11/28/97 -0600, you wrote:
>On Fri, 28 Nov 1997, Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> 2,500 missing children are in a lot of trouble
>> already, and that "trouble" is not of our 
>> making.  
>> If s/he were one of your children, would that 
>> make any difference to you?
>I seem to have missed a lot here.  All I have seen so far is a report of
>120 children being spotted on a plane by an unidentified maintenance man.
>Now it's 2,500?  
>What's going on?

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