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Subject: SLS: America at the Crossroads: Judgment or Full Revival? (fwd)

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Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,
as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions
are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.
1 Pet 5:8-9 (KJV)

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not
ignorant of his devices. 2 Cor 2:11 (KJV)

America at the Crossroads: Judgment or Full Revival?
A Prophecy Concerning America
Received by Rick Ridings
April 17, 1997, 2:30 a.m.

Tell America that My judgment has been pronounced upon it for
the same root sins as Sodom: they were "arrogant, overfed and
unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy" (Ezek.
16:49).  These root sins have resulted in such fruit sins as:

1. The sin of selling your youth as slaves to Babylon;  caring
   only about yourselves and right now, and sacrificing their
   future to your present.

2. The sin of sacrificing the unborn to Molech upon the altars
   of convenience and greed.

3. The sin of prostitution: losing all sense of shame and
   loving immorality to the point of packaging it through your
   media, and making it one of your major national products.
   You have pumped it throughout the earth, almost like a water
   filtration plant that decided it would pump out sewage
   rather than clean water.  You have determined to not only
   defile your own land, but to pollute and defile the rest of
   the earth with your abominable immorality.

4. The sin of greed: grinding the faces of the poor under the
   heels of your shoes, snuffing out their dim light as a man
   would snuff out a cigarette butt.

Tell America that because of such root sins and such fruit
sins, judgment is coming as soon as they finish filling that
bowl to the point of over-flowing, and it is very close to that

BUT, in My great compassion, I am giving one last chance to
America to turn from her love for sin, and lack of the fear of
the Lord.  This last chance is in the form of a national
revival and spiritual awakening.

If their turning is complete, there is the hope that I will
relent of this judgment, for there is yet one thing in your
favor:  the spirit of generosity in a small remnant to give of
themselves to take My gospel to the nations.  If there is a
true, wide-spread, and deep turning, allowing me to pull out
roots, and not only fruits, I will relent of the judgment and
destruction that I had planned for America.

But if the turning is partial, if the awakening is just to a
state of drowsiness, only to turn over and go back to sleep
again, to return like a dog to its vomit, then I must be
consistent with My judgment pronounced upon Sodom, and allow
the fire of war to cleanse the spirit of defilement from the

I sent revival in the late 1850's to give America the
opportunity to totally turn from the same roots of pride,
arrogance and greed, and the fruit sin of slavery. There was an
awakening, but only to a state of drowsiness, not one allowing
Me to go to the roots.  Therefore, rather than that revival
leading to the full turning that would have allowed Me to
withhold the cup of judgment, it could only serve a  lesser
purpose: That revival strengthened the remnant to be able to
stand as I , with a broken heart, poured out the overflowing
cup of judgment in the fires of the Civil War.

Even now, as I pour out revival, if you are satisfied with only
enough to fill your churches, and then turn over to go back
into your comfortable sleep again; if you do not seek Me to
reveal and pull out the deep and strong roots of evil, then,
with great sorrow of heart, I will be forced to remove Your
candlestick and send such economic disaster, that your remnant
will no longer be the oil supply feeding the lamp of missions
that they have been for so long.  I have already raised up
other candlesticks, and I will divert the oil of My resources
to those that are awake to Me and My purposes at the end of the
Age.  I do not need America to accomplish My end-time
purposes.  I own the earth, and all of it's fullness, and I am
fully able to resource My work.

If this revival does not lead to a full turning to Me and
seeking Me to pull out the evil roots and heal the land, then,
in great sorrow, I will be forced to allow the over-flowing
bowl of judgment to be poured out in the fires of war in order
to cleanse by fire the defilement of the land.  But the partial
revival will have served to strengthen the remnant to be able
to stand during this awful baptism of fire.

But the land will be cleansed of its defilement by a fire far
greater and more destructive than the flames of the Civil War.
The land will no longer be able to export such floods of filth
and defilement to the nations, but will be burnt over; and
dark, heavy clouds will rest upon it in darkness and
desolation, and it will be only a faint shadow of the great
land it once was.

But I am the Almighty.  I will resource My great work of
bringing the knowledge of My glory to the ends of the earth,
with or without America playing the major role I had offered to
it.  The choice is before her.  The choice is before My church
in America.

Therefore, seek Me while I may be found, and call upon Me while
I am near.


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