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>The Washington Times
>November 28, 1997   
>EDITORIAL: Exit Michael R. Shaheen
>For all intents and purposes, Michael R. Shaheen, who announced his
>resignation from the Justice Department's Office of Professional
>Responsibility this week, invented the office in 1975, at a time when
>then-President Gerald Ford and his attorney general, Edward Levi, were
>attempting some post-Watergate rehabilitation at Justice. And though he
>has served every administration -- Republican and Democratic -- since
>then, for 22 years, his work can hardly be called even-handed.
>     True, he investigated Carter appointed Attorneys General Griffin
>Bell and Benjamin Civiletti (Bell he cleared, Civiletti he criticized).
>But it is clear that his investigative zeal was much sharper when it
>came to Republicans. He went after Reagan appointees William French
>Smith and Edwin Meese III in a big way. And he took his beef with Bush
>Attorney General Richard Thornburgh over an investigation of two
>Thornburgh aides to Congress.
>     Then, lest anyone has forgotten, there is the truly appalling story
>of OPR's treatment of Reagan Justice official Roger Pilon. On the
>flimsiest evidence -- later proved absolutely false and worthless --Mr.
>Shaheen called for Mr. Pilon's resignation because of false charges he
>had used his wife to pass a classified document to South Africa. Mr.
>Pilon was totally and quickly vindicated, but not before he'd been
>placed on administrative leave and had his security clearance revoked.
>Then, a year later, Mr. Shaheen's office leaked the story (which had
>been kept under wraps for security reasons) -- and Mr. Pilon's name.
>     Yes, Mr. Shaheen did produce a blistering report on former FBI
>Director William Sessions that ultimately -- and deservedly -- cost Mr.
>Sessions his job in 1993. And his investigation of FBI malfeasance at
>Ruby Ridge led to a grand jury investigation and the conviction of a
>senior FBI official. But it must be noted that both of those cases were
>leftovers from the Bush administration.
>     When it comes to the Clinton administration, Mr. Shaheen's
>crime-sniffing instincts seem largely to have deserted him. Was the FBI
>guilty of misconduct when it bowed to White House pressure to
>investigate the seven longtime Travel Office staffers (fired at the
>apparent insistence of Hillary Clinton) on charges trumped up by the
>Clinton associate who wanted their jobs? Or did the agency get together
>with the White House PR machine to produce a press release revealing
>that the seven were under investigation? Nah.
>     Was it improper -- not to mention illegal -- for former FBI General
>Counsel Howard Shapiro to warn the White House in advance of activities
>by a House committee, when this would show that Mrs. Clinton had indeed
>had a hand in hiring D. Craig Livingstone? Nah.
>     And speaking of Filegate, has Mr. Shaheen set his investigative
>sights on the ethics -- and/or the legality -- of the FBI nonchalantly
>handing over 900 confidential files of former Republican employees just
>because the White House asked for them? Not so's you'd notice.
>     And where is the righteous indignation Mr. Shaheen reserved for the
>likes of Ed Meese and Dick Thornburgh when it comes to Attorney General
>Janet Reno. After all, it is Miss Reno who has allowed her department's
>investigation of the Clinton-Gore campaign finance scandal to flounder
>for months and is still dithering about appointing an independent
>counsel? Nowhere to be seen.
>     Will Mr. Shaheen really be missed all that much by people who
>believe that some real, independent oversight and investigation of Janet
>Reno's Justice Department is in order? Not hardly. 
>Copyright 1997 News World Communications, Inc.

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